Step-by-step commercial relocation checklist

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    Moving an office space is very different than moving a household. That’s why both small and large companies, when they move, need to hire a relocation company. But choosing among many moving companies Orange County offers isn’t easy. This is because moving business premises is a job for trained professionals. And before you even start thinking about how to do it right, here is our step-by-step commercial relocation checklist to help you out.

    How to make a commercial relocation checklist?

    As we said, before you move your office you need a proper commercial relocation checklist. You can easily get an online template or create one on your own. The thing is, moving an office or business premises isn’t easy. You have to think about the furniture and equipment that is certainly not cheap and thus take extra care in all phases of relocation. That’s why you need to instruct your staff or loading workers to properly prepare things for loading and transport or to instruct them on how to do it properly. If you have no experience, and you have expensive business equipment, hiring moving professionals is very effective to protect your office items. In addition, consultations with the moving crew are always useful.

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    Before you move your office you need a proper commercial relocation checklist

    Here is a basic office relocation checklist you can use:

    Basic operations can be reduced to the following:

    • Hiring reliable commercial movers in Orange County should be first on your list
    • Packing things and protecting items
    • Dismantling furniture or equipment,
    • Loading items onto truck, van, or pickup,
    • Transporting or moving things to new premises,
    • Unloading of more complex things (furniture assembly)
    • Unpacking at the new address. 

    If you have some special equipment, then they are transported in a special way and provided with special protection as well as being careful during transport. Getting the right type of moving supplies Orange County CA here is crucial. Always check with the moving company about the packing services as well as this can save your items from damage.

    Packing your office items can be challenging

    Many businesses also often have a lot of documents stacked in folders. Before transport, they need to be properly packed in larger boxes and covered with tapes or stretch foils. Sometimes you may need special boxes or even crates, but often this can be done with standard packaging. Of course, every business is different. That’s why there are not the same techniques for packing, loading, and unloading for all business niches. The same goes for equipment. You need different packaging for computer equipment, copiers, and other machines whose size can vary. Of course, your equipment may be specific and may require special procedures when moving.

    There are not the same techniques for packing, loading, and unloading for all business niches.

    Plan in advance and save money

    Sometimes you have to move your office at the last minute. But, if you have time, plan in advance. Like any move, the relocation of the company should be carefully planned. Packing is one of the very sensitive phases. Do you ask your workers for help? Besides, count on the fact that you will need moving material, in order to avoid the risks of damaging things… But how much will your employees use? If you have a lot of computers, it would be best to hire an expert to turn them off and pack them nicely, without damage and the risk of damage to wires, hardware, and other important parts of the computer.

    Good organization and an efficient moving company is the key to a successful relocation. Here, every moment is precious, because every delay with moving makes additional costs for the company. And due to the relocation of business premises, the company cannot function normally, which can be a great loss for you. In order to avoid losses, you have to plan everything well and agree on exact schedules and deadlines.

    Your business should be up and running as soon as possible

    In order for everything to be on time and not to waste too much time, you have to plan all actions but also harmonize them with your business obligations, working hours, and other factors. When you make a plan and arrange a relocation date, movers should come and pick up your things and move them to another address as soon as possible.

    a calculator on a piece of paper to evaluate the cost of moving estimates
    Good organization and an efficient moving company is the key to a successful relocation.

    Our recommendation is that you leave most of the relocation to the moving company. This means that our professional team dismantles your entire furniture and prepares it for transport. Then, all office material, documentation, and archives are packed in boxes that are printed. With this, a label is placed on each box, which describes its contents in detail. Imagine a situation where some of the documentation is lost – this process makes it easier. The next step is loading into our specially upholstered vehicles for moving and transporting. Then, we do unpacking according to the instructions you gave us.

    Here is a to-do list when it comes to office relocation checklist:

    Once you decide on your moving date, you should think about other things as well. This is just a general list, but you’ll get the idea on what to do:

    • Send an internal email to your employees to let them know about relocation
    • Don’t forget to send an email to external employees as well
    • Send relocation announcement to your vendors and clients
    • If you have some other business partners, let them know about your moving timeline
    • Update company information with new information on your website or other business identity representation (business cards, banners, etc).

    We wish you a safe relocation!

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