Steps for packing your pool table

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    Packing specific items in your inventory such as a pool table for example usually takes a bit of additional effort and time. These items are heavy, sensitive, and have a ton of pieces that can be easily damaged. Therefore, it is important that you approach packing your pool table carefully and with a good plan. In this article, we are going to show you how to properly pack your pool table and prepare it for move or storage. In addition to this, we are also going to talk a little bit about the important role reliable OC movers play in the relocation process.

    Preparing for packing your pool table – How to do it right

    When packing items such as your pool table, proper preparations are a must. What does this actually mean? Well, for starters, you need to gather all of the necessary packing tools and materials. There are going to be different parts of your pool table that will need to be packed separately. These smaller parts as well as larger parts require quality packing materials in order to ensure their safety. Some of the basic packing supplies you need to get are the following:

    • High-quality cardboard boxes. When you get your cardboard boxes, aside from making sure they come in different sizes, also make sure they are of high quality.
    • Packing foam and paper. Foam and packing paper can be used to provide additional protection to your items.
    • Packing tape and scissors. Use packing tape and wrap it around each box opening several times to make sure the boxes stay closed during transportation.
    • Bubble wrap. Use layers of bubble wrap to protect the edges of your items.
    • Labeling materials. Get different labeling materials to mark each box for its content.
    Packing your pool table with the right tools.
    Make sure you are packing your pool table with the right packing tools and materials.

    Disassembling your pool table

    Your pool table consists of numerous smaller parts. These parts should be disassembled before you proceed with packing and moving the mainframe of your pool table. What are the basic parts that you should remove from your pool table first? Well, you should start with the balls, cues, and triangle. Pack these in a separate box and make sure you label them for their content. Next up are the pockets. Make sure you unbind them carefully so as not to scratch the materials. Unbind the rails next and remove the felt. The cloth is very sensitive so this is a crucial part of your process of packing the pool table and you should do it with extreme caution. After your remove the slate you can proceed to disassemble the frame. So, from there, you can take apart all the remaining removable parts you can find. You can start with the legs of the table. If you are moving other items from your household inventory, it is best to do your research and find reliable Orange County residential movers to assist you.

    The packing process

    So, once your pool table has been disassembled into smaller parts, you can proceed to the packing process. However, there are a few essential tips and tricks to follow when packing. So, parts that are separate from the pool table but belong to a set should be packed separately. Carefully wrap these smaller items inside packing paper or bubble wrap. Wrapped balls and a triangle can be put into one box. Pool cues, on the other hand, can go separately.

    Packing a box.
    Take your time with the packing process and do not rush it.

    Packing screws should be done in a similar manner. A plastic bag is especially useful in these situations. You can pack all the screws in a plastic bag. It is extremely important to keep an eye out for all of the screws and bolts from your pool table. Use your packing tape to secure each box opening properly. In case you plan on packing all of the items on your own, be sure you know how to properly construct moving boxes.

    When packing heavier parts, pay special attention to the edges. You should focus on protecting each piece. You can protect each piece by securing them with moving blankets and wrapping the edges in packing foam. Use styrofoam as well if you deem it necessary. Take your time with the packing process and make sure you do not rush it. If your rush the packing process, you run the risk of damaging all of the sensitive parts and items from your pool table.

    Packing items.
    Take your time with the packing process. Pack each piece of your pool table separately.

    Enlist the help of reliable movers to assist you

    Moving specific items such as your pool table is not always easy. On top of that, if you also have a ton of other moving-related tasks to complete, it might be best to contact reliable moving companies Norwalk to assist you. With professional movers by your side, you can sit back, relax, and let the pros do their work. Professional movers will be able to assist you with numerous different, high-quality moving services at affordable prices. More importantly, they have the experience needed to help you move your pool table and other sensitive items in your inventory successfully. With a reliable and experienced mover by your side, you do not have to worry about the transportation process and the safety of your items.

    Packing the pool table – In summary

    So, to conclude this article, what are some of the crucial steps you need to make when packing your pool table? Well, first of all, you should make sure you have all of the necessary packing tools and materials. Then, you can proceed to disassemble your pool table. Take your time when disassembling the pool table so as not to damage any of the sensitive parts. Follow our tips for the packing process and try to connect with reliable movers to assist you. Make sure you avoid common mistakes when hiring movers. With reliable movers and a good organization, you can safely and successfully pack and move your pool table.


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