The benefits of living in Fullerton CA

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    So you have decided to move to Fullerton, but you are not sure if the place is right for you? We got you covered. Don’t worry about the relocation process, we all know it can get hard. Keep it organized and take your time. When moving becomes certain, probably the best option is to hire professional movers Fullerton to help you with your relocation. This article will hopefully help you to see some of the benefits of living in Fullerton CA, and get to know the place which will become your new home. Fullerton is located in North Orange County and has a population of around 142,824 people (according to the reports from 2019).

    Before you move

    Before moving, consider everything you should prepare and organize for the trip, especially if you are moving long-distance. Moving to Fullerton can be easier for you with the help of professionals. When planning the move, do your research on the best Southern California movers. Finding a reliable and responsible team is very important for you and your belongings during the relocation.

    Family packing for move
    Fullerton is known to be a great place for families with children

    Fullerton has numerous neighborhoods, so choosing can be difficult. Gather necessary information to find the best place for you to move in. When you decide on a place, it’s time to pack your things. This process is often overwhelming. Make notes of what you shouldn’t forget to arrange (ex. quality moving supplies Orange County CA, selecting and packing important documents, transportation plans, etc.)

    Top benefits of living in Fullerton CA

    Good schools and business opportunities

    Fullerton, CA takes much pride in the award-winning elementary and secondary school systems. There are also five universities and colleges located in Fullerton, California State University included. This is very beneficial information for families with kids and college students who are moving to this place. The business climate is described as healthy with decent work opportunities.

    Bonus tip: if you are a family with kids, and you are moving to Fullerton, you will have more boxes to pack and chunkier items to move. Search the internet for Furniture movers if you are anxious about moving kid beds, sofas, and heavy pieces of furniture.

    Girl standing in the sun
    Fullerton has around 283 sunny days a year


    One of the benefits of living in Fullerton CA is definitely the weather. Fullerton has a nice balance of not too hot and not too cold. If you love sunny weather, you will be pleased to know that Fullerton has around 283 sunny days a year! There isn’t much rain in Fullerton, and you probably already know that it doesn’t snow in California, so if you are not a huge fan of classic winter coldness, this place is great for you. Pack up on sunscreen and enjoy the sun!

    Social life

    Besides the great geographical position in Southern California, Fullerton is a very alive and fun city. It has a very vivid social life, lots and lots of different restaurants and bars at your disposal. It is described as a perfect combination of urban and suburban. Neighborhoods are said to be really nice and the community is overall very connected and welcoming. The peak of social life is probably the Downtown District with various stores, restaurants, and cafes. Downtown is great, but it’s just a piece of what Fullerton has to offer. There is also a museum, art galleries, over 50 different parks, gardens, an Olympic-sized swim complex, etc. Be responsible for yourself and the others while visiting those places as the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t over yet.

    Family-oriented place

    According to the residents, Fullerton is a great place for families. People feel very close and there are always community events so you can easily meet new people and make new friends. You can often find local residents on picnics, and doing various outdoor activities all over Fullerton. Fun fact: The average age of Fullerton residents is 35,7 years. (2019). That makes Fullerton a pretty young city, which is often seen in rich nightlife.

    Fireworks and party
    Fullerton has a rich social life, especially in the Downtown District


    There are three major freeways that intersect through Fullerton. Between State Routes 91 and 57, and Interstate 5, if your trips are well planned, most likely there won’t be late arrivals from one place to another. If you choose public transportation, there are plenty of buses going through the city with a lot of pick up and drop off places. You can take the train to Los Angeles or San Diego. If you want to travel further, there is a John Wayne Airport with the nearest landing strip in Santa Ana.


    • One of the biggest benefits of living in Fullerton CA is definitely a strong school system
    • By moving to Fullerton you will become a part of a friendly, family-oriented community
    • Fullerton offers you a large variety of restaurants, cafes, beautiful outdoor places for entertainment and relaxation
    • Downtown District is the beating heart of Fullerton’s social and nightlife
    • The traffic is said to be decent, but the locals shared a small tip – having your own vehicle can help a lot
    • The weather is nice and sunny, and the temperatures are very rarely extreme

    Fullerton seems like a good place to call your new home. The relocation process can be stressful, but you can make it easier by hiring professional movers. Organize everything and prepare in advance. When the hardest part ends, you can find a nice cafe to relax, or a park to have a picnic with your family. You can also have a tourist approach and go sightseeing and explore Fullerton. You can visit the museum, or enjoy large gardens in the sunlight. The beach is also on a 20-30 minute car ride. Pack some snacks, towels, and sunscreen, and have a nice relaxing day at the beach.

    Don’t be worried if you haven’t met anyone from Fullerton yet, the residents swear by their welcoming and friendly community. You will make new friends in no time! Hopefully, you will quickly see for yourself all of the mentioned benefits of living in Fullerton CA.

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