The benefits of living in Huntington Beach

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    Huntington Beach, with about 200,000 residents, is a small but attractive city. Located southeast of Los Angeles, it is known for its 8.5 miles of spectacular beaches. The amazing climate and incredible waves are attracting numerous surfers. Thus, the city’s nickname – “Surf City”. Huntington Beach is a fantastic place for living. And many people are lately moving in. Maybe you are also considering moving to this Pacific paradise. If so, make sure to book the services of movers Huntington Beach on time. Soon you will discover many benefits of living in Huntington Beach.

    A brief history of Huntington Beach

    Huntington Beach has an interesting history. In the beginning, it was just a simple settlement on the cattle route. During the years, the place was changing names. Only at the beginning of the 1900’s, the place was named after the railroad tycoon Henry E. Huntington. And this name remained until now.

    Benefits of living in Huntington Beach – ariel view of Huntington Beach Pier.
    Famous Huntington Beach Pier.

    In the early days, Huntington Beach was known for oil production. Besides the oil, the area was known for the production of celery, sugar beets, asparagus, lima beans, and peppers. Nowadays, it is an attractive destination for surfers, shoppers, and music lovers. If you are among those who love attractions and leisure lifestyles, OC movers will bring you to your dream home.

    What are the benefits of living in Huntington Beach?

    In general, Huntington Beach is an expensive place. However, many are ready to pay the price to enjoy in this attractive place. The benefits it gives are:

    • Weather – with pleasant temperatures all over the year
    • Beaches – excellent for both swimmers and surfers
    • Culture – the city is influenced by many cultures
    • Nightlife – many are attracted by craft breweries, fine dining, bars, and live music
    • Lifestyle – the casual lifestyle attract individuals and families alike

    Huntington Beach costs of living

    Huntington Beach has high costs of living. The average costs of living are 84% higher than the USA average. Also, living in Huntington Beach, you will have about 33% higher costs than in other CA places. What makes the living in this place expensive are the real estate market, food, and healthcare. Regardless of the costs, residential moving company Orange County is busy bringing the new residents.

    Huntington Beach city by night.
    Huntington Beach has rich nightlife.

    Most popular Huntington Beach neighborhoods

    Before you move to this beautiful place, you will have to decide about buying a property. And about the neighborhood, you would like to live in. Here is the list of the most popular neighborhoods:

    • Sunset Beach –  median home price: $2,041,641
    • Bolsa Chica – median home price: $2,350,000
    • Goldenwest – median home price: $395,000
    • Adams – median home price: $529,000

    After the move, you may decide to make changes in your new home. You may wish to stage a home up to your taste. In such a case Orange County furniture movers will do it for you with ease.

    Huntington Beach attractions

    One of the first attractions is Huntington State Beach. There is also the famous Huntington Beach Pier. This long-standing attraction is offering visitors beautiful views, a pleasant stroll. It also enables one to reach the Ruby’s Diner at the very end of the pier. Besides, the area is dotted with parks. There are also many local attractions and possibilities for outdoor activities.

    The other attractions of living in Huntington Beach are:

    • Bolsa Chica State Beach
    • Dog Beach
    • Newland House Museum
    • Wild Goose Escapes
    • Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
    • Huntington Central Park East
    • Shipley Nature Center

    Besides, there are also numerous places for shopping and popular restaurants you will visit after moving to Huntington Beach.

    There are a few other benefits you will have living in Hanton Beach

    Once you move in and settle down, you will have ample time to enjoy your new home. And discover more benefits of living in Huntington Beach. Besides the attractions we already mentioned, there is more. Here, we are giving the proposal of Huntington Beach waterfront adventures. You will, for sure, find some that are interesting for you.

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