The benefits of living in Mission Viejo

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    Finding a perfect place to live is a hard process. With so many options and opportunities, it can sometimes even seem impossible to pick. However, with a bit of research, everyone can find their ideal home. Mission Viejo is for sure one of those cities that you will fall in love with at first sight. If you enjoy sunny Californian weather, beautiful beaches, and a friendly atmosphere, you’re in the right place! These are just some of the benefits of living in Mission Viejo. Make sure to read our full guide and contact the best moving companies Orange County so you can get started on your journey!

    Mission Viejo is definitely one of the best places to live in California, and we will tell you why. It’s located in Orange County, in the Saddleback Valley and it has a population of about 94,000 residents as of 2019. Whether you want to raise a family, start a career, or just enjoy life, this city has something for everyone. And, with the most professional movers Mission Viejo CA, moving never felt so easy!

    What are some of the benefits of living in Mission Viejo?

    The amazing weather

    The eternal sunshine has never been so close. In this city, more than 90% of the year is filled with sun rays and warm weather. And, if you hate carrying an umbrella everywhere with you, you are in luck! In Mission Viejo, the average rainfall is only about 3-4 inches per year. In the evenings, it tends to get a bit more chilly, so a light jacket is enough to keep you warm. Evenings like this are perfect for family dinners in the backyard or a night out with some friends. So make sure you pack your summer clothes and bathing suits, and just so you don’t forget anything, follow our guide on what to pack when moving to California.

    beautiful beach sunset to illustrate one of the benefits of living in Mission Viejo
    Get ready to experience breathtaking sunsets in Mission Viejo every day!

    You have your own privacy.

    Mission Viejo is a commuter city, which means it’s primarily residential. It’s one of the largest master-planned communities ever built. Therefore the city is very calm and there isn’t much chaos that you find in bigger, industrial cities. This provides its residents with the opportunity to do the things they love, focus on hobbies, or enjoy their peace and quiet. Even if you like to paint or play an instrument, for example, a piano, you have the right conditions to improve your skills. Additionally, you will have the right support with piano movers Orange County CA!

    a painting of a yellow flower
    In Mission Viejo, you have the right conditions to focus on what you love.

    So much stuff to do outside.

    Good weather brings so many opportunities to do outdoor sports! While children play frisbee in the park, skateboard, soccer, or tennis, parents can enjoy golf, hiking, running, and many others. There are numerous parks in this city, but besides them, there are beautiful beaches to do water sports, mountain resorts and sports centers. Don’t forget that one of the main benefits of living in Mission Viejo is that it will only take you 20 minutes to get to the famous Laguna Beach!

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