The benefits of living in Whittier

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    Are you interested in the benefits of living in Whittier? Are you in the middle of your move preparation with Family Affair Moving Orange Country, but still not sure is Whittier a good choice for you? Well, you have come to the right place. Many people have heard of Whittier from famous Hollywood films. However, not many of them know what it is like to live in Whittier. The city is located near to Los Angeles and it’s a part of Los Angeles County. It’s a relatively small city compared to Los Angeles. However, some would argue that it has more benefits than some larger cities in the country. While finding out more about your new city is important, your focus now should be on preparing for your move. However, to make your relocation much easier, here are just a few benefits of moving to Whittier.   

    What are the benefits of living in Whittier?  

    Whittier is located about 12 miles from Los Angeles, but it has a more of a small-town feel with a family-friendly vibe. It’s not too big or small, and you can say it’s just ideal with 86 000 residents. The city has a couple of neighborhoods that are charming and unique in their way. If you are moving from a big city with movers Whittier, you will need some time to adjust to life in a smaller city. However, you will certainly like living in Whittier more than in some bigger cities.  

    Small town charms can always beat the big-city crowds and rush. You will see how much living in a smaller city can be relaxing and easier, especially if you have kids.  You should start getting moving supplies Orange County, now that you found the perfect city to raise your kids.  

    a child jumping
    Whittier is a perfect city for kids

    Living costs in Whittier  

    The cost of living is lower than in Los Angeles, but it’s still higher compared to the national range. It’s a known fact that California and Los Angeles are expensive for living. You can enjoy similar Los Angeles benefits but for a more affordable price. More than 55% of residents are owners of their homes and you can be one of them too. You can buy a house for a more affordable price and remodel your home after moving the way you want it.  

    There are a lot of fun activities to do in Whittier. It has many good restaurants, bars, shopping sites like Whittwood Town Center. What makes Whittier a special city is its historic districts. There are four historic districts.   

    • Central Park Historic District  
    • Hadley-Greenleaf Historic District  
    • College Hills Historic District  
    • Earlham Historic District  
    a house as one of benefits of living in Whittier
    The ease that comes with buying a house is one of key benefits of living in Whittier

    Why you should move to Whittier this year?  

    As you can, Whittier is a good blend of urban, family-oriented, and diverse cities. Also, one of the important benefits of living in Whittier is good public schools and education. You will be happy living in this city whatever you are single or have a family. What’s now important is to successfully prepare for your move and arrive safe and healthy in your new Whittier home. 


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