The best way to pack a fridge before moving

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    When the time comes to relocate you want to make sure you do everything right and on time. To do so you will require a plan and a good organization. These two things will guide you through the whole relocation process and will help you remain focused. In this article, we help you pack a fridge before moving and all the steps you have to take to apply adequate protection to it. This way you will assure that the condition of the items remains intact and that it does not damage other items in the process. If you need help with the relocation process you can consider hiring moving Orange County to help you relocate with ease.

    How to pack a fridge before moving

    Packing your fridge is a process that will require a couple of steps. Due to the sheer weight of the item you need to make sure you approach it the right way. Applying adequate protection is an important part of the packing process.  If you require moving assistance you can opt for moving companies Irvine to make sure everything goes according to plan. So, how should you approach this packing process?

    1. Obtain cleaning and moving materials
    2. Take out the content of the fridge
    3. Defrost the fridge at least 24 hours before the move
    4. Apply protective material
    5. Make sure the fridge can pass through doors and hallways
    a movers van filled with cardboard boxes
    Pack every part of the fridge separately and make sure you apply enough protection to them

    The best way to move a big appliance like the fridge is to make sure it does not suffer damage while you move it. By understanding the fragility of the items you can prevent potential damage.

    Obtain cleaning and moving materials

    The first step you want to take is to acquire all the materials you need to clean the fridge. More importantly, you should also secure the condition of the item by obtaining enough protective material. Lastly, you should find a dolly to ensure the move of the item. These items and materials will help you secure that the item suffers no damage and that it causes no damage to other items. Moreover, it will save you the trouble for once you arrive in your new home. If you clean your fridge before the move you will not have to do it once you arrive. Of course, we suggest cleaning it with a rag and some cleaning or sanitizing product after unpacking. However, this will be done only to secure that the item remains clean after the moving process.

    To pack a fridge before moving – take the content out of it

    After you find all the materials you need for cleaning and moving the fridge you should focus on getting the food out of it. Namely, you should throw away any perishable food. After that, you can pack the rest of the food you want to take with you in an adequate container. This way you will preserve the condition of the food you take with you.

    a woman holding cherry tomatoes while cleaning the fridge as a way to pack your fridge before moving
    Taking out all the content from the fridge will ensure that there are no smells or leaks coming from it during transport

    More importantly, as you empty the content of your fridge you will have an easier time finishing the process of packing it. Certain foods might stain or damage other items and because of that, you should always throw them away.

    Defrost the fridge at least 24 hours before the move

    The low temperatures of your refrigerator will preserve food but will also create layers of ice. This ice will melt as soon as you unplug your fridge. If you do not defrost it before you pack the fridge it will leak all the excess water outside of it. This can have serious consequences on the packing materials, the fridge itself, as well as other items. Water can weaken the cardboard and it can leak outside of the material you used to wrap the fridge. This can, later on, reach other items inside the moving truck and possibly damage them. The best way to approach this is to defrost the fridge at least 24 hours before you move. This will allow you to pack your fridge before moving without any consequences. Water can seriously impose damage to your items in most scenarios.

    Apply protective material

    After you defrost your fridge you should take out all the glass shelves from inside it and clean them. Wash them with sponge and detergent and put them aside. Wrap all the shelves individually with wrapping paper or cardboard and tape them. When you finish that you should utilize the cleaning materials you obtained and clean the inside of the fridge. As you finish that, you can add protective layers on the outskirts of the fridge. This will protect it from any shock damage or other conditions like water or moisture. Each part of the fridge should have enough protection for the transport phase. Protective material will help your items maintain their condition throughout the whole relocation process and it plays a big part in how well your items arrive. This is especially important if you are indulging in a DIY relocation.

    Make sure the fridge can pass through doors and hallways

    If you want to pack your fridge before moving you have to make sure it can fit through the exits. Namely, you should measure the size of your fridge and treasure that it can fit through the doors and hallways. If you do not do this and the fridge is too big to pass – you will have additional expenses. More importantly, you might suffer stress which you want to avoid in these situations.

    a measureing tape streched on the table
    Make sure you measure the dimensions of your fridge before you start moving it to avoid additional costs and stress

    This is a form of a precaution measure you should take before you even start to pack your fridge. This is especially important if you are living in an apartment and you need to move the fridge down a flight of start. Measure the dimensions of your doors and stairs – as well as the elevator to prevent this from being an issue.

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