The Dos and Don’ts of Packing for Your Orange County Move

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    Moving comes with a long to-do list. But packing is without a doubt the most dreaded and hated task. Everyone who has moved at least once will agree on this – packing is so boring! It is repetitive and seems eternal, but it is crucial for a good moving experience. After all, your main goal during a move is for you and your items to make it to your new home, safely. Our OC movers will do everything in their power to make this happen, but many people still decide to go the DIY route. There is nothing wrong with that, but in this case, you should know the dos and don’ts of packing for your Orange County move.

    The dos and don’ts of packing for your Orange County move are quite obvious

    Just for the record, in 2021, 28 million or 8,4% of Americans moved. That is a large group of people, and all these people had to go through packing. But as obvious and basic as packing might be, many people don’t realize the dos and don’ts of packing for your Orange County move. Also, this part of California is close to LA, one of the most expensive cities in the state – which means that packing will be one of the many concerns that are about to hit you. Finding a home in a highly competitive, unaffordable housing market, potentially moving during the heat of summer, and other things will come your way. But as long as packing is concerned, you need to pay attention and:

    • Start preparing on time
    • Don’t try to do everything yourself
    • Use proper packing techniques and materials
    • Don’t forget to use labels
    Picture of packing tape on a cardboard box
    The dos and don’ts of packing for your Orange County move will help make your move smoother

    Start preparations on time

    Procrastination is a problem for many people, and moving is not a time to implement this. Being short on time when packing will lead to mistakes, which will ultimately result in heartbreak and broken items. Our Orange County residential movers always recommend starting preparations at least 3 months before the big day. There will be plenty to do, and the time will fly by!

    Don’t try to avoid asking for help

    Moving is difficult, it is ok to admit that you need help. It can come in the form of our packing services Orange County CA, or the form of loyal, strong friends. Whichever you decide to contact, make sure you do it as soon as you learn that you need to move. Movers tend to get busy during the high season, while your friends make have plants made for that time.

    Proper packing techniques and materials are a must

    Proper packing cannot be possible without using good techniques and high-quality packing materials – our long distance movers Orange County CA team puts both to good use. A good technique comes with practice while packing materials can be found in many places – especially boxes. You can even find boxes for cheap or even for free. If you want to go the greener route there are also various options – from biodegradable peanuts to compostable bubble wrap.

    Dont skip using labels

    Labels are the most underrated thing in the history of moving. It takes seconds to do, and it can potentially save you hours of headaches. Clean and simple – take a marker and mark each box with a phrase that will associate you with the contents of the box.

    Picture of a person trying to apply the dos and don'ts of packing for your Orange County move
    Simple labels can save hours of stress

    Final thoughts on the dos and don’ts of packing for your Orange County move

    As you can see, the dos and don’ts of packing for your Orange County move will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Orange County is part of California that is very popular in the moving industry, as its population increased for 9 out of 11 years. You will also be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches, mild weather, and good economy, so what are you waiting for?


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