The risks of hiring amateur movers

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    The way you relocate is very important once you decide to move your household. This process can play a big role in how well you adjust and settle into the new environment. Therefore, if looking to hire help for your relocation process, consider hiring a professional moving company, like Los Angeles County movers. Basically, there are two main ways to go about this process. The first one is hiring a professional moving company to assist you with the process. The second one is approaching this process in a DIY method. Today, we will focus more on the first method of moving. However, instead of talking about hiring professional movers, we will talk about the risks of hiring amateur movers for your relocation. One of the main advantages of professional movers is their experience with relocation and the services they can offer you.

    What are the risks of hiring amateur movers?

    Like many different industries, the moving industry also has an issue with the companies that want to make “quick money”. Meaning that a lot of unfamiliar moving companies might pose a threat to potential customers. Moreover, this attracts a lot of different fraudulent companies to try and work their way through the industry. However, as we talk about amateur movers, this does not always have to be the case. For instance, hiring a professional company, like moving companies Irvine, will have a lot of advantages. More importantly, they will be completely straightforward about their business.

    two movers having fun in an empty room which depicts one of the risks of hiring amateur movers
    The attitude the movers have towards your relocation process will tell you about their overall experience in the business

    On the other hand, although might not fraudulent, amateur movers will not always create the same experience. Leaving the wellbeing of all of your belongings into a company you are not sure about is never good. When you hire a company that seems to lack experience, here are some of the risks you can face.

    Unreliability and low-quality service

    The first thing we should talk about is the sheer well-being of your household items. As relocations often get tedious for the person moving, moving companies jump in with their experience and knowledge to help the customer. However, when opting for an amateur company to help you, you might be in a situation where you find yourself helping them more than they are helping you. Experience plays a big role in this business. Although even the most professional companies were amateur once, this does not mean that you should give everyone a chance. Amateur moving companies can often be unreliable, uncertain, and do not provide services that one can consider good. For example, if you need to relocate within a week, amateur companies will not be of much use there. Their inexperience can certainly slow you down and make this process harder than it already is.

    Higher chances of damaging your property

    Now, we understand that an occasional slip and fall are to be expected of anyone. Simply because we are all humans and mistakes sometimes happen. However, when you rely on a moving company with a lot of experience, for instance, Orange County residential movers, you can be certain that the chances of that are very small.

    two men carrying a couch out of a home
    The inability to provide adequate manpower, equipment, and approach to the relocation are all risks of hiring amateur movers

    On the other hand, the inexperience of amateur moving companies can lead to much more serious issues than just breaking items. Here are a few examples of the differences between professional and amateur movers:

    Professional movers:

    • Will always see if they require special equipment
    • They will be sure to bring an adequate number of workers to get the job done

    Amateur movers:

    • They will likely not inspect your belongings prior to handling them
    • Will often seem disorganized and run into more issues than usual

    The risks of hiring amateur movers also imply lacking professional approach

    If you ever did hire professional movers, you could testify that, in a way, you felt safe once they arrive. This means that once a professional moving company arrives at your door, they ensure you that the process will go smoothly. The reason this happens is that these companies have years of experience and knowledge in their field of work. One of the risks of hiring amateur moving crew might be that they will not provide you with that feeling. Mostly due to the fact that they lack that “professional” approach. As they are unaware of the things they need to do, even if they have good intentions, they might give off a “fraudulent vibe”. This can create distrust between the client and the company and cause potential issues in the long run.

    Professional moving companies will always provide you with adequate information

    First and foremost, as you are searching for a moving company, you can, in most cases, visit the company website for detailed information. Most amateur companies will completely disregard this part of the process. Professional moving companies have well-designed websites that include all the important things like company information, services they provide, cities/counties/states they provide services in, etc.

    a man doing a research on a tablet while drinking coffee
    The moving company website should contain all of the information one can find useful prior to hiring their services

    By looking at this information, one can determine whether or not a specific moving company is good for their relocation. Moreover, these moving companies will always have a review section on their website. These reviews help current clients post about their experience which will later help potential clients figure out whether or not to hire the company.

    Always compare moving companies before hiring them

    To know which moving company is the best for you, contact a couple of them and compare them later. Moving companies set their basic expenses based on the evaluation of the items you move. Once you get an evaluation from multiple companies, compare their prices, as well as the type of estimate they provide. This is one of the safest ways to avoid the risks of hiring amateur movers to relocate you. More importantly, this will eliminate the chance of you hiring a fraudulent or incompetent moving company. By having a variety of offers on the table, you can determine what the “middle ground” is and which company is the best. Most fraudulent companies, for example, will often offer a too-good-to-be-true type of offer to reel customers in.

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