The risks of hiring cheap movers

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    Are you about to relocate? Don’t know how to organize the move? Are you thinking about relocating by yourself or hiring professional movers to help you? Whether you are moving locally or interstate, relocation is a very demanding process that requires a lot of attention and budget planning. So, it is always better to hire best moving companies Orange County to handle the relocation. A professional moving company can give you an estimate, so you know what amount of money you will spend on the relocation. Don’t know what company to hire? Well, the moving industry is constantly expanding, and the choice is wide. So, do the research and select a moving company based on it. However, pay attention not to hire a cheap moving company. Wonder why? The answer is simple. There are too many risks. To find out what are the risks of hiring cheap movers, read on.

    Can relocation really be cheap?

    The first question that relocation imposes is: Can relocation be cheap? Well, cheap is a relative thing. But to tell the truth, a successful, safe, and secure relocation can never be cheap. Relocation can be affordable, but never at a very low price.

    A woman sitting around bunch of boxes worrying about risks of hiring cheap movers
    Before hiring cheap movers think about all the risks such relocation can undergo

    However, many movers are offering their services at a low price. It may be appealing at first, but you may pay much more in the end. Not to make a mistake hiring cheap movers, you should first understand their main traits of cheap. Here are some of them:

    • Cheap movers are usually amateurs
    • Cheap movers do not offer full services
    • They do not offer insurance or reimbursement in the case of damage
    • They usually provide non-binding moving estimates
    • Cheap movers do not provide professional packing services
    • There are usually no packing supplies on offer
    • Their services are very similar, almost the same. There’s no difference between local or interstate relocation.

    Still wondering is it a good idea to hire cheap movers?

    Cheap is not always better

    Moving is a complex process, although, at first, it may seem pretty uncomplicated. There are a lot of things to plan and organize, but the most important thing is to plan your budget. Relocation, whether local or interstate, is not so cheap a process for the very reason that there are so many things to handle. It is quite a challenge to find a moving company that meets all your requirements. It may be even harder to find a licensed company that offers cheap moving services. Although you may think you can save money hiring cheap movers, it can cost you even more in the long run. Remember, cheap is not always better, and expensive isn’t always bad. Simply put, cheapness is usually associated with low quality. Remember the words of Warren Buffet? “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get,” and relocation is not an exception.

    Hiring cheap movers is risky

    Everyone should be aware that professional moving services require you to pay some extra money. Yes, budget is the most important unit. But if you want to have a safe and sound relocation, you should pay some extra money for professional assistance. Moving comes with lots of expenses, and it can be really hard to decide how to spend your budget. You might need to cut some of the expenses back, but you should never cut down on moving services. Whatever tempting, hiring cheap movers should not be an option. It can be pretty risky. To avoid potential risks, hire a professional moving company. Choose among local moving companies Southern California. They offer a wide range of moving services at affordable prices.

    People having their heads in the box
    The risks of hiring cheap movers are very likely to come true

    What are the risks of hiring cheap movers?

    Before you even think about hiring cheap movers, consider all the risks that follow. Here are some of them:

    • Unreliable service – cheap movers are individuals who do this as a part-time job. So, there’s a great chance that you’ll get a low-quality service.
    • Your belongings are prone to damage – cheap movers are not properly equipped to perform a safe relocation.
    • Your items may go missing – cheap movers do not provide an inventory list and do not guarantee the safety of your belongings.
    • There’s a big chance of delay – since cheap movers don’t offer many services, problems may occur that can lead to the untimely move and delivery.
    • Unnecessary stress – unprofessional service, untimely move, the risks of damage – all these and many more can put you under a lot of stress on a moving day. And it is not worth the money.

    Hidden costs as one of the main risks of hiring cheap movers

    As we’ve already mentioned, cheap is not always cheap. Getting a low relocation price is a red flag not to hire cheap movers. An estimate is what determines the whole process of your relocation. Cheap movers usually provide the overall price without stating the cost of each service. That means they do not keep a record of your items, the packing supplies they use, and the weight of the load. All these can lead to hidden costs. They impose additional fees after they perform the relocation. Such fees include additional costs for the volume and weight of the load, fuel, underquoting, handling special items as well as additional packing services. So, if you want to have a full packing service without any additional costs, use moving supplies Orange County. Transparent International provides and delivers all packing materials to your address before you start packing.

    Cheap moving services are almost always scams

    A low moving price is a strong sign of a fraudulent moving company. How? Well, as we’ve already mentioned, relocation cannot be so cheap as they claim. Almost all licensed moving companies in the industry offer more or less similar moving prices. They follow the market and stay competitive. So, when you come across cheap movers, you should know that there’s something wrong. Don’t hire the first moving company you come across just because it offers cheap services. If so, you are very likely to be deceived. So, not to become a victim of moving scams, do thorough research and get various moving estimates you can compare.

    Professional mover carrying boxes
    Beware of relocation scams and choose a licensed moving company

    Avoid the risks of hiring cheap movers and let Family Affair Moving to take care of your relocation at an affordable price

    Now that you know the risks of hiring cheap movers, you should be able to distinguish what company is worth hiring. Cheap movers can simply be described with “Less is more,” in this case literally. The less you pay at the beginning, the more you’ll pay at the end of the relocation process. So, carefully research before you hire a moving company. By the way, now that you’re here, check out our moving services and customers’ reviews and contact us to get a free estimate. We are completely at your disposal. Feel free to ask us whatever you want, and we guarantee that we will do our best to meet all your requirements. Have a safe and successful relocation with family Affair moving.

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