Things to do in Irvine in 2021

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    Moving to a new city has a lot of different benefits. Of course, you will require some time to adjust to the life pace of the residents and new surroundings. However, when you move to a city with a lot of things to do, this becomes very easy. That is why we talk about some things to do in Irvine in 2021 after the relocation. If you are yet to move to the city, consider hiring a professional moving company to help you relocate with ease. Now, regardless if you are moving in alone or with your family, we are sure you will find a plethora of fun things to do here. These activities, we are about to talk to, will not only be fun but will also help you relax after the move.

    Some of the things to do in Irvine in 2021

    In a flat, broad valley between Loma Ridge and San Joaquin Hills lies the master-planned city of Irvine. Located in Orange County and the Los Angeles metropolitan area, Irvine has over 285 thousand residents. It is known for having a large portion of technological and semiconductor corporations, as well as being home to many higher education institutions.

    a river flowing in-between trees as one of the outdoor things to do in Irvine in 2021
    Although the city itself can offer a variety of things to do, many people are in love with the nature-part of Irvine

    However, Irvine is more than just that. It is one of the most diverse cities in the area with an Asian-American population making over 50% of the residents. This only ensures us of the diversity of activities and sights to see there. So, what are some of the things one can do and visit in this city?

    • Orange County Great Park
    • Tanaka Farms
    • Pretend City Children’s Museum
    • Irvine Spectrum Center
    • San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary

    Orange County Great Park

    After moving companies Irvine deliver your items and you finish with the unpacking process – head down to Orange County Great Park. This is one of the top destinations for anyone living in or close to the area. One of the top attractions in the area offers a variety of different activities spamming on over 1.300 acres. It is a good place to have a calm, relaxing picnic day or engage in some sporting exercises and activities. One of the biggest attractions is the Great Park Balloon – a large orange balloon that allows visitors to go on an aerial tour of the area and the sky. From 400 feet in the air, you will have a 360 degrees view of the park, city and the local area. You might also catch a glimpse of the Great Park Gallery and Great Ice Park.

    Tanaka Farms

    This farm was started by Glen Tanaka in 1945. It is a 30-acre farm located on University Drive. Apart from being the growing center of the area, this farm offers visitors a variety of educational attractions. Visitors can buy fresh produce from the stands throughout the year or they can participate in the process of picking their own produce to take home.

    a wheat field with the sunset behind it
    Tanaka Farms offer visitors great agricultural lessons, as well as different fruits and vegetables depending on the season

    It offers people lessons in agriculture and the farming process in general. Depending on which season you come to visit, different products will be the main subject at the farm. Apart from this, you can find cooking classes, festivals, and parties during the weekends at Tanaka Farms.

    Things to do in Irvine in 2021: Visit the Pretend City Children’s Museum

    If you have a family and was working with commercial movers Orange County to relocate your business, you deserve some relaxation with the whole family. What better way to engage in fun activities with your children than to visit the Pretend City Children’s Museum. The museum opened in 1997. and is a functional small city for children to enjoy and engage in various activities. Moreover, the most fun part about it is that it allows children to learn through playing with different role-playing, hands-on exhibits, and educational programs. In the museum, you will find a bank, a fire station, a post office, a farm, etc. There are over 17 exhibits in the building all made for your little humans to enjoy and engage in. This museum is a must to visit, especially if you have children.

    Irvine Spectrum Center

    As we are going through the things to do in Irvine in 2021, we cannot skip visiting the Irvine Spectrum Center. A shopping centre in the open that offers a variety of different stores, restaurants and cafes to visit. Luscious gardens and fountains only make the area more pleasant and enjoyable.

    a family wearing face masks walking down the street holding hands
    The variety of shops and activities in the Spectrum Center create a perfect place to relax as a family

    Apart from hundreds of boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants, one of the main attractions is the Giant Wheel. This Ferris wheel will elevate you to 108 feet off the ground and provide beautiful sighting. More importantly, visiting the Irvine Spectrum Center is a great way to cope with moving stress as it offers great ways of relaxation and tranquillity.

    San Joaquin Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary

    If you are a bird watcher, nature-lover, or photographer this is the perfect place for you. The Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary offers a perfect balance to Irvine. Namely, this sanctuary provides a unique opportunity to explore nature and wildlife. Moreover, the marsh spans over 300 acres and contains over 11 miles of trails to hike on. In addition, these trails walk you through the many different ponds along the way. As the trails vary from wide dirt roads to narrow foot trails, you can find different types of flora and fauna while walking. Moreover, you will also find a large number of different bird species from eagles, geese, herons, grebes, etc. Therefore, if you are someone who enjoys spending time in nature or enjoys watching amazing natural views, visiting San Joaquin Marsh is one of the things to do in Irvine in 2021.



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