Things you should know about Tustin before you move

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    Have you decided to move to Tustin? Welcome to The City of Trees. The city has around 80.000 residents and is one of the best places to live in Southern California. With its urban-suburban feeling, the city attracts a lot of families, as well as younger professionals. Moreover, the city of Tustin is around 32 miles away from Los Angeles. Meaning that you can easily get to Los Angeles in 30-40 minutes. As we will talk about things you should know about Tustin, we hope to help you realize whether or not this city is right for you. So, before you decide to contact a moving company, like Family Affair Moving, you should do a little bit of research before you start to move. In addition, we will provide you with some of the basic information about the city we think you should know

    Things you should know about Tustin before you decide to move there

    The city of Tustin is in the heart of Orange County. Moreover, it is one of the oldest historical “old towns” in the area and has strong roots in the past. On the other hand, the city borders cities like Irvine, Santa Ana, and Villa Park. Being relatively close to Los Angeles, Tustin is often the primary choice for people who wish to pursue their careers in the big city. However, living in the area might be a little expensive.

    a couple looking at things to know about Tustin before they decide to move there
    Not thinking the process through can create issues upon arrival so research some things you should know about Tustin

    Therefore, before you contact movers Tustin CA, make sure you have a proper budget and a plan on how to increase your financial stability. More importantly, relocation should represent a new start for you, and going into it blindly can create issues in the future. Proper research, as well as having a plan will surely help you go through this process a lot easier.

    Tustin residents

    As we mentioned above, the city of Tustin has around 80.000 residents living in the area. However, due to more expensive real estate options, half of the residents own a home, while the other half rents them. However, there is a lot of both economic and ethnic diversity in the city. For instance, the largest percentage of the population (16%) is between 25-34 years old. 29% of the population in the city have a bachelor’s degree. The good public schooling system allows residents of the area to pursue higher education both in the city and outside of it. On top of that, Tustin is a quite welcoming and family-friendly place to live in. This provides an additional sense of community in the area.

    Tustin weather

    Being in Southern California, one can expect that the city has sunny and warm weather. Luckily, this is true. Namely, there are around 278 sunny days throughout the year. The temperatures in July are around 83 degrees and around 46 during January. Moreover, a fun fact about the weather in the city is that the first and last snow the residents saw was back in 1881. The city sees around 13 inches of rain on a yearly level.

    a picture of a sunset on the horizon
    The weather in Tustin is classic for Californian standards and is sunny for most parts of the year

    Because of the weather conditions, and the fact that rain falls about 36 days per year, one can see why people choose to move to this city. As we continue to talk about things you should know about Tustin, you should take weather into consideration. If the weather is a big factor for you, contact packing services Orange County CA, to help you prepare for the journey.

    Things you should know about Tustin: Real Estate

    One thing we might consider a “con” is the real estate pricing in the city. Namely, the median house value is around $650.000, which is almost triple the national average of $218.000. This might be the main reason people often opt for renting their homes instead of buying them. However, the average rent in the city is $1.900. while the national average is about $1.060. The average, two-bedroom home rent is approximately $1.900. When talking about the dos and don’ts of California relocation, we have to note that you should always calculate your budget and finances before deciding to move there. Yes, living in the city, or state has a lot of advantages. However, you should be able to support yourself as you are living your best life there. For instance, homes can vary from $630.000 to $.1.700.000 depending on the location.

    What can you do in the city?

    Luckily, the city offers a wide range of activities, both for you or your family. Because it is in the center of Orange County, Tustin has entertainment options wherever you go. For instance, you can enjoy:

    • Disneyland Park in Anaheim
    • Newport Beach which is 25 minutes southwest of the city
    • Hiking
    • Biking and cycling
    • Visiting Old Town District
    a person holding a bunch of balloons in Disneyland
    Disneyland might be the biggest attraction in the area meaning that it is quite suited for a family lifestyle

    Whether you want to learn more about history or enjoy Disneyland with your family, Tustin can offer it all. Moreover, if you prefer spending time in nature or being physically active, you will love the city. In addition, the city has modern shopping centers which offer an array of restaurants, bars, boutiques and much more.

    Do more thorough research on the city before you move

    Now that we end our things you should know about Tustin, you should have a general idea of what the city is like. A plethora of activities and entertainment options followed by constantly warm and sunny weather are just some of the things you can expect. On top of that, the city offers a great schooling system, both in the public and private sectors. However, the cost of living, as well as the real estate, can be quite expensive to some and might play a big factor in the relocation process. We advise that you do more thorough research on the things you require to know before moving and think before acting. Make sure you calculate your expenses so you can afford to live in the city and enjoy all of its perks.

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