Time-saving packing tips for local OC moves

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    Packing is the most time-consuming stage of the moving process. How not to turn the packing into something that drags itself for days and is a never-ending story? Naturally, it comes into play when you are already well-drained from making a moving strategy, finding a reliable moving company, and getting everything going. Have a look into some time-saving packing tips that packing services Orange County CA have broken down for you from their vast experience. Whether you’re having professional movers or doing the move yourself, knowing how and what to pack will help you save time and money.

    There is plenty time-saving packing tips you can benefit from

    If you are interested in how to make packing less stressful and more efficient let’s dive deeper into the matter together.

    • Make a packing strategy
    • Purge and declutter
    • Packing Materials
    • Pack One Room at a Time
    • Label the boxes
    • Pack wisely
    • Protect the Valuables
    • Keep the Essentials in a Separate Box
    • Other ways to pack other than boxes

    Make a packing strategy

    Start early. When should you start packing for your move? You should start packing for your move at least 3 weeks before your booked move date. The earlier you start packing, the easier it will be on you further on.  So, draft a packing outline that includes a timeline. Next, make a list of things you need to pack and decide on a method for packing them. The two most efficient ways to pack are by priority and by room. The quickest system of packing is to go room by room. The priority method takes longer to finish as you start packing the things you need least and slowly come to the things you use regularly. Whatever method you choose don’t procrastinate, not a minute. If needed, you can always opt for last minute movers Orange County. Stick to your plan otherwise you may end up stressed out still packing late at night before the move date.

    a couple doing packing in the kitchen
    Pack your kitchen last but declutter it first

    Purge and declutter

    Are going to pack everything you have? Of course, not. Sort out and purge all unwanted, unneeded, unused belongings. When decluttering before a move, you’re saving yourself money and time––moving is easier and cheaper because moving companies charge you on the weight of your stuff.

    Choose the right packing Materials

    Get your cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, or just any other packing material that you may need in advance. You can save on packing supplies and materials. You don’t have to spend too much on expensive cardboard and bubble wrap. You’d be surprised just how easy it is to find the boxes with your friends or neighbors.  Ask neighbors and friends if they have any packing materials left from their move, or some extra newspapers will come in handy, too. Also, start saving your boxes and packing supplies from deliveries. Needless to say, if you are hiring the best moving companies Orange County with full service, then you shouldn’t worry about packing materials at all.

    Time saving moving tips
    Use good quality materials don’t waste your time or money is one of the most useful and time-saving packing tips

    Pack one room at a time

    When choosing the best system for packing, go with a pack one room at a time system. Pack each room at a time and keep packed boxes in a designated room. This will make it easier to label the boxes and will help you stay organized. Go step-by-step but save the kitchen for last and always start with the least used items.

    Label the boxes

    As you’re packing, label each of your boxes with what’s inside, what room it is, and a number or color code. Then have an inventory list with all the box numbers, rooms, and colors so you can keep track of where everything is. This also makes it easier if a box gets lost in transit. The number on the box can indicate the level of priority, the most important one starting with the number one.

    Pack your items wisely

    Pack smart. Firstly, pack heavier items on the bottom of your box to keep it stable – but don’t overdo it.  Even if you’re not doing the lifting, boxes that are too heavy can lead to damaged goods. Keep your largest boxes to no more than 50 pounds. Secondly, don’t forget to pack the heaviest items in the smallest boxes for easy handling. You need easy-to-lift loads, after all. Next, pack small items in small boxes before putting them in bigger boxes to prevent them from getting lost and to help commercial movers Orange County not having to deal with a ton of small boxes. Additionally, you can use your suitcases and pack them full with whatever items. They will serve as a great storage space.

    Protect the valuables

    Many moving companies won’t accept moving your high-value items because they don’t want to be held responsible if your valuables get lost or damaged during the very busy moving process. So, consider purchasing moving insurance just in case. Pack your valuables smart. Therefore, wrap them in a double protective layer of the bubble. Fill in the space to keep items from clinking around in the boxes.  So your fine stuff can arrive safe and sound.

    a couple reading about time-saving packing tips
    Always ask for help either a partner, friend or a moving company

    Keep the Essentials in a Separate Box

    Prepare the essential box or bag. Your essentials box should contain the items you want to have access to at all times during the move and immediately after arriving in your new home. Doing so, you won’t have to wait for the moving company to deliver the rest of your household for you to dig through it to find the toothbrush. Pack some extra clothes, important documents, valuables, cash, medication, glasses and contact lenses, cosmetics, and anything you might need on your first few nights in a new home.

    Even if you follow these time-saving packing tips, it will still take you some time to pack your entire home. The best option for you is to ask for help from either friends and family members or professional packing assistance.

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