Tips for avoiding unlicensed California movers

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    Moving homes comes with certain risks. Especially if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. The moving industry in California is big. There are a lot of companies offering a variety of services. How to know which one to choose for your relocation? Well, one thing is for sure, you will want to avoid unlicensed companies. To do so, you will need a couple of tips for avoiding unlicensed California movers. Our team of experienced movers at Family Affair Moving, came up with these tips to help you out. Continue reading to find out more!

    Why you should avoid hiring unlicensed California movers?

    An unlicensed company might offer you an attractive moving quote. We all know that moving is quite expensive. Therefore, you might feel intrigued to accept their offer. But it will surely lead you to a pit of despair. So let’s try to avoid that! An unlicensed company isn’t regulated by a monitoring agency. So, there is nothing stopping them from simply driving away with all of your belongings. If you end up in that kind of situation, you won’t be able to ask for help. Because none of the monitoring agencies will have any information about the moving company you hired. Basically, you will hire a company you won’t be able to trace.

    We can’t say for certain that every unlicensed moving company is a scam, but chances are high. By hiring unlicensed movers you are putting yourself at risk. Likewise, you will expose your belongings to danger. Extortion and theft are two major risks that come with hiring an unlicensed moving company. For example, they might hold your belongings hostage. Then they can claim it was lost or stolen during the transport. Finally, they can ask you for more money to recover your “stolen/lost” belongings. On the other end, they can simply drive away, and not contact you ever again.

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    By avoiding unlicensed California movers you will save yourself from a probable scam.

    Sure a licensed moving company might cost more, but they will safely transport all of your belonging to your new home. So make sure you hire the right company for your move, look for reliable and licensed long distance movers Orange County CA, to ensure your relocation goes with no hidden costs. With a proper moving company, no theft or extortion will come your way.

    Should a moving company have insurance?

    Yes! A legitimate moving company will have insurance. Whether you are moving locally or abroad, it’s important to hire a moving company with the right insurance. This way you will protect yourself, and your belongings. Now you are probably wondering, but what types of insurance do they have to possess. So, there are two main types every reliable moving company will have.

    • Worker’s Compensation Insurance – This insurance covers the employees of the company. So if the mover is injured during the relocation, his company will pay the medical expenses and lost wages. And if the company doesn’t have Worker’s Compensation insurance, they could hold you responsible for any injured movers. That means that you would have to pay for their treatment and missed wages.
    • Public Liability and Cargo Insurance – When you are avoiding unlicensed California movers, it’s essential to look for this insurance. It covers property damage. Of course, professional movers will try their best to keep your belongings damage-free, but sometimes accidents may occur. In that case, it’s important to be insured.
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    A reputable company must have two types of insurance: Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Public Liability and Cargo Insurance.

    What are the tips for avoiding unlicensed California movers?

    So now that you know what risks come with hiring an unlicensed moving company, let’s learn a couple of tips you can use to avoid unlicensed movers.

    Check their website and the reviews

    First make sure the company has a proper online website, where you can see the variety of moving services it offers. Go through the website. Check out if there are any comments or reviews. Read a couple of reviews to see what previous clients had to say about their experience with the company. If there aren’t any reviews, or a possibility to leave a review on the website take it as a sign that something isn’t right. And if they don’t even have a website, take that as a major red flag. In case you can’t find any reviews on their website, go to Yelp, Google Customer Reviews, or the Better Business Bureau.

    Be wary of cheap moving quotes

    Prices are an important factor for avoiding unlicensed California movers. For example, if you want to move from San Francisco to Whittier, and they offer you a very cheap deal be sure that they aren’t the right moving company. Therefore, you must look for licensed and trustworthy movers Whittier. The price of your relocation might be higher. But you will not have to worry about them losing or stealing your belongings.

    Research the moving company

    After you’ve checked their website and the reviews do some background research. See if they are registered. For moves within the state of California check with the California Public Utilities Commission. If you are moving to another state check with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Check the USDOT website to find out if a moving company may do interstate moves.

    Use the power of the internet in your favor. If you are doubting whether a moving company has a license, you can check on the California Public Utilities Commission website. You just need to use their online search tool to find out if a certain company has a license. The tool is fairly simple to use.

    Man working on his laptop.
    Do some background research to make sure you avoid unlicensed movers.

    We hope you find our tips for avoiding unlicensed California movers useful. You will know exactly what to look for the next time you’re moving. Remember, you won’t be able to file a complaint against a moving company that doesn’t have a license. So take your time to do the research before booking a company for your move.

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