Tips For Moving an Instrument Collection

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    Musical instruments are a part of the moving inventory of many households. 52% of the population in the USA plays at least one instrument, and they also own at least one. The love for music can quickly turn into a hobby, or even a job, so many people decide to start collecting instruments. They are quite expensive, from $200 to a few thousand dollars, and they are also fragile. If you have a collection, you likely dread having to move it. Reputable Los Angeles County movers can either help you do it, or they can give you expert advice on how to do it yourself. If it is advisable what you are looking for, you are in the right place to learn more about moving an instrument collection.

    Professional movers will give you an enjoyable moving experience

    Moving expensive items, like instruments, is nerve-wracking. You never know what will happen, regardless of the hours spend packing and preparing. Professional special moving service providers are the holy grail for moving. Commercial movers Orange County offers the solution for a stressful move. But the price of $350 to $5000 is what usually discourages people from hiring movers. When you take into consideration the price of a whole collection, it is a good idea to invest in its safety.

    Picture of two guitars on a wooden surface
    Moving an instrument collection can seem expensive

    What should you keep in mind with instrument collection relocation?

    A collection is usually used to describe an assembly of three or more items. People usually have various types of instruments in their collections, so you will need different packing techniques. Moving supplies Orange County CA team is also something you need to consider. In the following paragraphs, we will give you tips and things to keep in mind when packing different types of instruments.

    Pianos are the biggest and most commonly owned instruments

    By a statistic that was published in 2015, one in 3,788 households owns a piano. Taking into consideration that many people move a few times in their lifetime, that are a lot of pianos to move. If you are about to be one of those people, the high-quality piano movers Orange County CA team can greatly diminish the stress that comes with moving instruments. Even though bulky, preparing a piano for moving is straightforward. You need to:

    • Close and secure the key lid
    • Remove the legs and pedals (if possible)
    • Wrap the whole instrument in moving blankets and secure it with tape

    Stringed instruments are also a favorite for many people

    A close second to the piano is string instruments. 25.54% of people own at least one stringed instrument like a guitar, violin, etc. Even though they are smaller, they are just as fragile as the previously listed instrument. You should:

    • Losen up the strings to prevent snapping
    • Turn the tuning keys in a parallel position with the headstock
    • Place the wrapped instrument in its original case

    Woodwind and brass instruments need to be taken apart

    Rattling and shaking during transport can cause pieces to fall off and damage everything. That’s why instruments like trumpets and flutes need to be taken apart as much as possible. You should wrap larger pieces in bubble wrap, and put smaller ones in Ziplock bags.

    Picture of a person playing a flute before moving an instrument collection
    Ziplock bags are important for packing instruments that have small parts

    Moving an instrument collection will be stress-free with the right help

    We don’t say that it is impossible to succeed with moving an instrument collection, but it will cause stress and require time. You might not have enough, so you have to decide what you want to do yourself. You can either evaluate the pros and cons of hiring packers and packing the instruments yourself, or pack everything else and leave the fragile items to the pros. It is always a decision that you get to make!


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