Tips for packing your kitchenware for transport

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    The kitchen is definitely the most demanding to pack if you are preparing to move. You have to pack all those pots and pans, plates, cups. Not to mention all those little compartments, drawers, cabinets filled with items of different shapes and sizes. There are a few things in the kitchen that you can leave behind because you will need them in your new home. Packing your kitchenware for transport must be finished when OC movers arrive. That’s why we systematically get to work!

    Packaging material

    Get as much packing material as you can, as you will always be short a box. List of supplies you can also get from moving supplies Orange County:

    • Boxes of different sizes
    • Newspaper or bubble wrap
    • Cell kits
    • Packing/sealing tape
    • Labels

    Large boxes are a good choice for lightweight items such as plastic utensils, small appliances, dish racks. Medium boxes are suitable for heavier items such as silverware, small appliances, pots, and pans. Heavy-duty boxes have double reinforced walls and are suitable for packing fragile items such as plates, glasses, wine bottles, and cans. Unprinted newsprint is ideal for packing fragile items: cups, small appliances, lined plates. Cellular kits are perfect for packing glasses, liquor bottles. They can also be used to wrap vases, fragile figurines. Label all packages and label those with breakable items as fragile so your movers know to treat them with care.

    a kitchen counter with appliances
    Prepare a wide range of boxes for packing your kitchenware for transport

    Packing order

    Do the packing order starting with the items you use the least. These include all kitchen utensils, sterling silverware, or porcelain for special occasions. Start packing the rest of the kitchen utensils a week before the move. Leave only the most important items for use. Pack perishable food on moving day. Set aside in a box the items you will need for the last two days in the old place and the first two days in the new place. Leave food, a few plates, cutlery, a coffee pot, liquid soap, towels.

    Packing Kitchen Appliances

    You’ll pack your kitchen appliances better if you’ve kept the original packaging. If not, get the right size boxes. Wrap fragile appliances in bubble wrap first, then put them in a box. Do not hesitate to contact Orange County residential movers for any advice you may need.

    Packing supplies for packing your kitchenware for transport can be obtained from a moving company
    Make an order in which you will pack the items from the kitchen.

    Packing dishes

    Dishes require a little more work and time because they are fragile. Carefully wrap each plate, glass, or bowl with newspaper. Place a thick layer of substrate on the bottom of the box. Lay down the wrapped dishes and fill the gaps with crumpled newspaper.

    Hire a professional

    You are running out of time or you are not good at packing your kitchenware for transport. It is always a good decision to hire loading and unloading services Orange County to do this stressful job for you. They have the experience and knowledge to pack your belongings. They also offer quality packing materials so that everything arrives safely at the new destination.


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