Tips for packing your winter wardrobe

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    Packing your winter wardrobe for moving may not sound so complicated and time-consuming. You might think it’s quite easy. You pick out a box, a bag, or anything they can fit into, and you load them onto the moving truck, right? But what about the damage they might endure during the move? What about the clothes that tend to be bulkier and therefore harder to pack without using too much space? These are some of the things you might want to consider when packing your winter wardrobe.

    Making a checklist

    Before you start packing winter clothes for your relocation, you might want to plan it out to find the best way you can pack. You may start by making a residential moving checklist of the items you want to move with you. Having an inventory list might make packing a lot easier since you can decide what items to pack together. And in regard to your wardrobe, it will help you make sure you packed everything you wanted.

    Packing your winter wardrobe

    Once you’ve made the list, you should consider the most appropriate packaging for your winter clothes. Winter clothes tend to take more space than you would like, so you will have to organize well. You will want to save as much space as you can, so you will need to find good moving supplies. Try searching for moving supplies Orange County CA.

    winter wardrobe - boots and hat
    Packing your winter wardrobe might take more space than you think.

    For further help, here is a list of supplies you might want to consider for packing your winter clothes:

    • Vacuum bags – will save you the most space
    • Closet storage boxes – designed for packing your winter wardrobe with hangers
    • Rubber bands – will help you fit many items in a small space
    • Packing cubes – the easiest way to move your belongings around and prevent humidity damage

    Choosing a moving company

    Choosing the right moving company is essential. When you try to find moving companies Mission Viejo, make sure to choose a trustworthy company. A professional moving company with a lot of experience might be the best choice. They will handle your items properly and provide any other services you may need.

    Family Affair Moving Orange County provides a variety of moving and packing services, as well as loading/unloading services. If you find packing and storing your winter wardrobe too time-consuming, a good choice would be to pay for this additional service.

    cardboard boxes for packing your winter wardrobe
    If you don’t want to pack winter wardrobe yourself – a moving company will do it for you.

    Additional tips for packing your winter wardrobe

    When packing your winter wardrobe, if you find out that you have a lot of items that you or your family members no longer need, a good thing to do would be to consider donating clothes to charity. That way you will make more space for other winter clothes you do wear, and you’d be helping someone in need.


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