Tips for settling in after moving to Newport Beach

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    Are you planning to relocate to Newport Beach? Be prepared to experience the best of Orange County and California. Beautiful weather, great community, coastal lifestyle, and great school system are just some of the reasons why living here is great. We bring you some tips for settling in after moving to Newport Beach. Also, you will find out how to organize relocation, research moving companies Newport Beach, and ensure a safe and successful move.

    Is moving to Newport Beach a good choice for you?

    Moving to Newport Beach means that you have chosen a certain lifestyle. The city is famous for outdoor activities, an abundance of sun, a great climate, miles of coastline, and some of the best beaches in Southern California. Newport Beach has a strong job market so you won’t have problems finding employment. The economy is mostly based on tourism, tech, and finance. The city has several private schools and two public high schools which are highly ranked – Corona del Mar High School and Newport Harbor High School. There are also several colleges in the area, including Coastline Community College and the University of California Irvine. One of the downsides of living here is the high cost of living, but this is not surprising for California.

    A view of a seaside
    Settling in after moving to Newport Beach takes time. But, there are beautiful beaches and interesting places your can start enjoying immediately

    Organize your move carefully

    The most important part of organizing relocation is finding reliable movers. Hire a licensed moving company such as Family Affair Moving OC to ensure a smooth move. Your movers should be well-trained and experienced. It is not difficult to find movers that can meet all your needs, but it takes some time and research.

    Visit specialized moving websites and check companies’ reviews and ratings. Also, read previously submitted comments and complaints to get a clear idea about the quality of service that companies offer. Make a shortlist of moving companies that meet all your needs. Request several moving estimates and compare the costs. Finally, choose Orange County residential movers that fit your budget.

    Make sure to create a list of all your moving activities and tasks. This will help you stay organized and know exactly what you should be doing before, during, and after the move. Also, it will help you get settled after moving to Newport Beach.

    A woman typing
    Check your movers’ online reputation

    Here are some tips for settling in after moving to Newport Beach

    Moving to a new home can be tiring and overwhelming. There are so many things to do – from planning your move to settling into your new house. That is why it is best to make two checklists, a pre-move and a post-move one. The post-move checklist should include tips for settling in after moving to Newport Beach.

    • Count the boxes and make sure you have all your belongings. Even the best movers and packers can make a mistake so don’t just assume that nothing is missing. Also, inspect all your belongings and check the condition of your things. Maybe something got damaged during transport due to mishandling or poor packing. If you are an inexperienced mover, it might be best to hire a moving company that provides packing services Orange County.
    • Unpack the essentials box first. This box includes the things you will need during the first 24 hours in your new home. Toiletries, a change of clothes, pajamas, medication, chargers, and toothbrushes are some of the things that you should pack in your essentials bag.
    • You need to set up utilities – water, sewer, electricity, cable and internet, and trash pick-up. Do this a couple of weeks before the moving day, and you will be ready well in time.
    • Continue unpacking. Bear in mind that the packing and unpacking process is the most time-consuming part of the relocation. Don’t forget to label all your boxes once you pack them. Write essential information such as content, handling instruction, and destination room on each box. This will greatly facilitate and accelerate the unpacking process.
    • Get to know your neighbors. Moving to a new neighborhood or city can be emotionally stressful. Meeting new people and making friends will help you deal with the stress and settle in a new community.

    One of the tips for settling in after moving to Newport Beach is to explore the city

    Newport Beach is a beautiful coastal city in Orange County that has a lot to offer. If you are an outdoor person, you can go biking and hiking, visit golf courts, go surfing, sailing, and paddleboarding. You will love Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve and Crystal Cove State Park where you can enjoy different recreational activities.

    Those who are into art and culture should visit some of the many Newport Beach museums and galleries. Some of the best museums in the city are the Balboa Island Museum & Historical Society, The Gray Matter Museum of Art, and Discovery Cube’s Ocean Quest.

    mother and daughter unpacking and settling in after moving to Newport Beach
    Ask all your family members to help you with the unpacking process

    Plan a trip to Catalina Island, which is an hour’s ferry ride from Newport Beach. You can enjoy beautiful scenery, numerous water sports, and outdoor activities. Also, visit Balboa Island, an artificial island with beautiful shops, boutiques, restaurants, small businesses, etc. Your children will certainly enjoy Balboa Fun Zone, an amusement park with numerous rides, games, and fun activities. If you are interested in shopping, the best place to visit is Fashion Island, an open-air mall located in eastern Newport. It offers around 200 shops and restaurants with beautiful views over the Pacific.

    In conclusion

    As you can see, Newport Beach is a great place to live. It offers something to everyone, and your entire family will love it here. But bear in mind that the moving process isn’t over once you transport your belongings to the new home. Settling in after moving to Newport Beach takes time and good organization. Hopefully, our tips can help make the transition smooth.


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