Top 10 Dance Clubs in Southern California

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    Once your relocation is over, there will be time for going back to your old lifestyle. This includes going back to work, visiting the gym, but also- having fun. After all, you deserve to have a favorite place in your new area. For everyone who plans to move to Southern California, lots of amazing things are waiting for you. Choosing among the best moving companies Orange County is probably the first great choice you will make. Once you settle everything in, you will be ready to own the night. Here are the top 10 dance clubs in Southern California for you.

    Club DB Lounge

    Welcome to Southern California! If the road took you to Downey California, this dance club is not something you want to miss. With even three dance floors, DJ performances, and bottle services- it guarantees an amazing night out. Gather your friends and enjoys special nights like R’n’B, Hip-Hop, and many others. You can book your personal events here and spend the most amazing time with friends. You are in for an unforgettable night! 

    Bravo Night Club

    Who is ready to dance? This amazing club in Fullerton will quickly become your favorite place. Not only you will be able to show your dance moves to friends, but this club also offers food during the day. Once you get tired and want a night off- you can spend a day here enjoying delicious food and friendly staff. It is surely one of the dance clubs in Southern California you should not skip. If Fullerton is your destination of choice, movers Fullerton will be your best partners. You just need to pick a good outfit and get yourself ready for the dancefloor. 

    DJ playing music
    All dance clubs in Southern California have amazing DJ performances

    The Copper Door

    For all of you who end up in Santa Ana, there is a great dance club waiting for you there. The best thing about it is that bands play live music and occasionally you will enjoy a great DJ party. The Copper Door is also underground which provides amazing parties for the entire night. The staff is amazing and will be at your service for drinks and booking reservations. It will be a perfect place for birthday parties or simply a terrific weekend after a long working week. 

    Carnaval Nightclub

    If you decided that Pomona is where your new home is – don’t forget to get in touch with movers Pomona. Thanks to their great service you will be ready to hit the Carnaval Nightclub in no time. It has a reputation as one of the busiest dance clubs in Southern California so make sure to book your reservations on time. You will soon realize that many locals come here, and before you know it – you will meet some new friends. 

    Legacy Nightclub and Lounge

    Welcome to Newport Beach! There is no person in the world who didn’t love this city once they arrived there. When it comes to nightlife, Newport Beach doesn’t disappoint. This urban nightclub offers a couple of dance floors, DJ parties, and guess what? Themed parties! They are usually following all the special events and festivals so make sure you don’t miss anything. You and your friends can inform yourself on time and catch all the big events Legacy Nightclub and Lounge plans. 

    The Circle OC

    Get yourself as many services that movers Huntington Beach has to offer because you don’t want to miss a night here! If you are a fan of neon-lit digs, this is definitely a place for you. Not only that but there is a different DJ performing all the time, so you will for sure hear your favorite songs here. The only thing left is to grab your friends and enjoy a night out. After all, you will still have a couple of options for dance clubs in Southern California.

    crowd listening music
    Most of them have live music every night!

    La Diosa Nightclub

    Are you a fan of Latin music? Here you will have plenty of this! La Diosa is an amazing dance club in Glendale and if you decide to live here- it will be among your favorite dance clubs in Southern California! If you thought that it must be hard to get a drink in a place that is full like this, think again. This nightclub actually has seven bars! How about that! Chances you wait for your drink for too long are almost zero!

    Katie Jakes Bar & Grill

    You know those places that offer amazing food during the day and then they turn into amazing clubs at night? Katie Jakes Bar & Grill in West Covina is a place like that! Not only you will love the food, but you can enjoy your favorite songs at night. Make reservations on time and get on the dancefloor as soon as possible. If you decide to move here and it is your first time visiting West Covina, don’t forget to hire movers West Covina. This way you will be able to meet the entire city in no time. 

    Sound Nightclub

    And yes, here is Los Angeles! Sound Nightclub is the very heart of nightlife in this city. You will love the DJ performances, flashy lights, and amazing service. Sound Nightclub is pretty spacious as well, so if you have a birthday coming up it will be a perfect place for celebrating it.

    Playhouse Hollywood

    The name says it all! Last but never the least is Hollywood, the pure heart of Los Angeles California. Playhouse Hollywood should be our first stop if you decide to move here. It has a couple of dance floors and a constant party atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want that? Before you know it, you will know why Hollywood is called “the best place on the planet”. Shortly enough this will be one of your favorite dance clubs in Southern California.

    bar with different drinks
    Once you find your favorite place you can spend some quality time with your friends

    Bottom Line on Top 10 Dance Clubs in Southern California

    Finally, everything is ready for your special night out. Get on your best outfit and the greatest mood and go explore your new place fully. Although there are many dance clubs in Southern California, after some time you will pick your own favorites. 


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