Top 10 places in Southern California for meteorosensitive people

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    Meteorosensitivity is really an issue you need to think about when looking for your new home. Southern California is so diverse and culturally rich there’s something for everyone. That includes your meteorosensitivity, so don’t worry about it! The Golden State is really going to offer you a lot of things, so there’s really no need of looking elsewhere! Moreover, with excellent movers that operate in the area, such as Family Affair Moving OC, you’re going to have a fast and reliable moving experience. The best benefit of hiring movers is that you’re actually going to have lots of free time to explore your city of choice further. It also means less stress, which is even more important. That’s exactly why this list of top 10 places in Southern California for meteorosensitive people is going to be of so much use to you. Just pick the best city for yourself.

    San Clemente is one of the most popular choices for meteorosensitive people you’re going to find in Southern California

    San Clemente has lots of unique qualities. It is well-known for its stunning landscape, beaches, and architecture and is situated roughly halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. It has a population of about 64,000 and is well-known across the world for its fantastic surfing locations. Instead of typical American buildings, you’re going to admire the architecture from the Spanish colonial era. It’s part of the LA metropolitan area, so if you want to live close to larger cities, this is among your best possibilities.  If that’s something that attracts you, you’re going to fall in love with this city. Movers San Clemente offers are trained professionals who’re well-known and reliable partners in the area. If the Spanish Village by the Sea is something you like, book them and let them take you to the place where you’re going to create life-long memories.

    A picture of a packed suitcase, something you'll need to do if you decide to relocate to Southern California and San Clemente specifically.
    A lot of people choose to relocate to San Clemente each year because of the many opportunities it offers.

    You’re going to find many excellent choices for buying property in San Clemente. The average home value is set at around $1.6 million according to Zillow. On the other hand, RedFin lists that the median sale price is somewhere around $1.3 million. With such varieties, it’d be best if you did your own research and found something that suits you. There are also many opportunities for renting in the city if that’s something that’s a better fit for your budget. In any case, if you’re visiting San Clemente people will often recommend you visit the local Pier. If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in its nightlife – check out the Craft Brewery Tour. That’s going to be a lot of fun for you and your friends.

    If you worry about meteorosensitivity – choose Redondo Beach

    This one is quite popular for movers and tourists alike who just love its beautiful nature. It stands for a round in Spanish, and it’s part of the Greater Los Angeles area. Yet again, that means you can enjoy being close to LA without actually living in it. And with how jammed traffic can become there, you might have more luck getting from Redondo Beach to there than from one place to another in LA. It takes only about 25 minutes to reach Los Angeles, which is a great thing. Moreover, with a median household income of $166,832, you’re probably going to have a good life there.

    Choose Whittier if you want to live in a bigger city

    One more great community in Southern California for meteorosensitive people is Whittier. Even though it is a bit larger than other of the places on this list, it is still small in comparison to other cities in Southern Cali. This city’s natural surroundings are what make it so wonderful. This can be an excellent chance if your family is highly active and participates in several sports. Many individuals who hire movers in Whittier, California, choose this location because of the breathtaking scenery it has to offer. That’s why movers Whittier CA offers are going to be able to provide you with moving assistance that can’t be easily matched on the market. Additionally, you can find a job in LA while taking advantage of living in Whittier. A lot of individuals are in fact doing exactly this.

    A metereosensitive woman working remotely from her home in Whittier, Southern California.
    Lots of people tend to live in Whitter but work for LA based companies.

    Here’s why Santa Ana and Tustin are both quite popular with meteorosensitive people

    For anyone who wants to reside in a larger, more culturally diverse city that is not congested, Santa Ana will be a fantastic chance. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of a larger community without feeling cramped. According to ZipRecruiter, the average income in Santa Ana is roughly $55,000. Moreover, right next to Santa Ana you’re going to find Tustin – another great choice and it’s popular with movers Tustin CA located services. It’s going to work extremely well in case you like a lot of the things Santa Ana offers but something turned you away. That’s because Tustin is right next to it, and to add to the confusion – North Tustin is geographically next to Tustin but administratively part of Santa Ana.

    The winters are lengthy, chilly, and partially foggy in Santa Ana, while the summers are brief, warm, arid, and clear. The average annual temperature ranges from 45 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, rarely falling below 39 or rising over 92. It’s similar in Tustin – so in terms of the weather, you’re going to have a very similar experience. The only choice that remains is whether you’re going to hire the movers Santa Ana offers or the ones from Tustin. Both are great choices, and you won’t make a mistake hiring either of them. Plus, you actually get all the fun activities in both cities!

    Salinas is a good choice and an emerging art scene in Southern California

    Although it has a small-town atmosphere, Salinas, which is Spanish for “saltworks,” provides all the opportunities you can wish for in a city. It’s most famous for its agriculture, developing arts and cultures, and the Nobel winner John Steinbeck who used to write about it. Salinas’ lush terrain and extensive agricultural sector have given it the moniker “Salad Bowl of the World.” It’s also becoming increasingly popular thanks to its emerging art scene, where they use business spaces to host various exhibitions. Many people choose to incorporate Salinas in their list of top 10 places in Southern California for meteorosensitive people. The summers in Salinas are brief, dry, and generally clear. On the other hand, winters are similarly short, chilly, and partially cloudy. The average annual temperature ranges between 42°F and 72°F, with lows of 34°F and highs of 84°F being unusual.

    An art exibition, like many of those held in Salinas, one of the prominent art centers in Southern California.
    Salinas is the place to be if you want to be close to a booming art industry.

    Choose Long Beach if you want a city with more people in it

    Long Beach has around 500,000 inhabitants. This is something that everyone who enjoys living in a larger city should give serious thought to. Moreover, your child will have a fantastic chance because California State University is situated in the city. Its economy and industry are both sizable. One of the key factors making the city one of the finest in Southern California is its thriving economic growth. There are going to be plenty of work opportunities for everyone. This all makes it a popular destination for people from all over the world.

    If this is something that seems attractive to you, schedule your call with the local movers. The average salary is around $60,000 annually, which is pretty good. You can either buy a property or rent something, and there’s a great market for both of those. If you want to hire one of the movers Long Beach CA offers and move to the area, be sure to book a private helicopter tour over the city with Anthelion Helicopters. Tourists say they loved it, and the prices go as low as $180 per adult! That’s a fantastic and adventurous way of sightseeing!

    Costa Mesa definitely makes the list of top 10 places in Southern California for meteorosensitive people

    Costa Mesa is a vibrant, diverse, and prospering suburban city. The renowned Segerstrom Center for the Arts, South Coast Plaza, one of the biggest shopping malls in the US, and many more attractions can be found there. The city’s economy is mainly reliant on retail and services, with the South Coast Plazagenerating over a billion dollars in revenues each year. Costa Mesa is a community bursting with life and opportunities, well known for its arts, fashion, and theater, as well as its close proximity to the coast. The city has a year-round, mellow, and bright atmosphere thanks to a semi-arid environment moderated by the coolness of the Pacific Ocean. If you reside in Costa Mesa, you will be surrounded by some of the best opportunities, beach towns, and cities in the area (including Long Beach, Santa Ana, and LA from the list above).

    a mall in one of the 10 places in Southern California for meteorosensitive people
    South Coast Plaza is just an example of the great things Costa Mesa offers and why it’s on the list of top 10 places in Southern California for meteorosensitive people.

    The median sale price for houses there is around $1.2 million dollars, while the average salary is somewhere around $60,000 annually. If that’s something that is going to suit your needs, then go for Costa Mesa! It has beautiful architecture, many opportunities and the meteoro circumstances are just great. That’s why the city is more and more popular with people swarming from all over.

    Do you want to live in a smaller community? Choose Diamond Bar

    If you want to raise your family in a smaller community, this city is a great option. There are both pros and cons to raising your family in a smaller place. Moving to the city will be a piece of cake if you hire the movers Diamond Bar CA offers. With so many excellent options, the city is well-known in the moving sector. Living in a tiny neighborhood with a strong economy and easy access to LA makes this place special. But what is there to see and do here? Check out Summitridge Park and spend some time in nature, or learn something new at the American Museum of Ceramic Art. Many locals praise the Getty Center – it holds a plethora of significant artworks from many countries and eras, around 1,900 pieces of American photography, antique texts, Renaissance art, and Baroque sculptures.

    People spending time in a local park.
    Diamond Bar has some beautiful nature and great parks to spend your weekends there.

    Last but not least – Los Gatos always makes the list of top 10 cities in Southern California

    Los Gatos (meaning “The Cats” in Spanish) is an upscale enclave in California’s Santa Clara County, tucked on the southern boundary of San Jose. The town of Los Gatos is widely recognized as the most affluent neighborhood in or outside of San Jose, with plenty of enormous homes and a plethora of fantastic retail complexes and activities. Here’s the part that some IT people will love – it’s part of Silicon Valley, and many famous companies are located there, such as Netflix. This makes it a terrific opportunity for all those young professionals looking to start making a name for themselves in this industry.

    two girls on the pc looking for a list of 10 places in Southern California for meteorosensitive people
    IT enthusiasts are going to love it here because of its location.

    Los Gatos has a median household income of around $155,000. It is an expensive location to live, much more so than other areas in California. Los Gatos is a rich community, with homes costing roughly $1.8 million dollars. But you do get what you pay for. Plenty of great job opportunities, and many things to see, do, and experience. Many famous people also live in the area. Since it’s one of the most affluent parts of California, there are lots of great moving services to get you there.

    How to choose the right location in the end for meteorosensitive people

    There you have it, the list of the best places Southern California has to offer. How to decide then? Well, start off with your budget. Some places are simply more expensive than others, and that should play a big part in your decision-making process. Next up, check the population and the size of the community. If you’ve got children, research online about the local school rankings. You want to make sure they’re able to attend the best possible school. Lots of these places are close to each other, so sometimes you can work in one place and live in another city. That’s what makes this list of the top 10 places in Southern California for meteorosensitive people so great! There’s lots of interconnection between them! So, if you like one of them – chances are you’re going to love all of them.


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