Top 10 places with best restaurants in Southern California

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    Once you move to a new state or city, you won’t know much about the place. That’s why moving is so scary for many people. The comfort zone is a difficult place to crawl out from. But once you do, you will feel the freedom of the unknown. One thing is for sure tho, you will have a successful move if you let one of the best moving companies Orange County help you. Once you complete this, you will want to relax by going out for dinner for example. But where are you supposed to go if you don’t know the options? In this guide, we will list the top places with best restaurants in Southern California.

    Our top 10 list of places with best restaurants in Southern California

    Southern California is a waste area with many cities and towns that have numerous restaurants. Because of that, it can be difficult to pick just a few places that have good places where you can eat out. We ranked the places with best restaurants in Southern California according to:

    • Price
    • Different varieties of food
    • Accessibility
    • Location

    Costa Mesa

    There is no wonder that this place is first on the list. Costa Mesa is a lovely city that has a lovely food scene. Some dishes you must try after moving with moving companies Costa Mesa are the different varieties of Mexican specialties and of course, seafood!

    Person holding a taco
    For a big city like Los Angeles, it is expected to find different types of food

    San Diego, second on our list of places with best restaurants in Southern California

    The diversity in this city is the reason why you can find anything from Indian to Mexican food. Many types of people call this place home, and they all brought a little of their traditional cuisine to this city’s food scene. The dish that is a must-try here is the California-style pizza.

    Orange County

    The next-door Los Angeles casts a shadow over this lovely part of Orange County, leaving its delicious food as a second plan. As an ocean-side part of the country, you can guess what the majority of food consists of. You guessed it, seafood is a must-try here.


    If you are not a lover of a specific cuisine, Irvine might be the place for you. If you move here with the help of movers Irvine CA, you can try almost everything. You can find Vietnamese, Mexican, Asian, and even Italian restaurants.


    Like the majority of cities in South Carolina, in Ventura, you can also feel the Mexican influence on the cuisine. Apart from the traditional Mexican dishes, tacos, and chilaquiles, you can also find different types of burgers. If you happen to be passing by, you have to try The peppered Gator Burger.


    In Pomona, you can find anything that you might crave. If you are up for some Mexican snacks, Los Jarritos might be your place. Or you could enjoy after completing your move with movers Pomona by treating yourself to something fancy at Pomona Valley Mining Co.

    San Bernardino is one of the places with best restaurants in Southern California

    Apart from the famous dog breed, this place could also be famous for its food, if it weren’t for the more popular nearby places. If you want to eat out but still stay on a tight budget, this place is a jackpot. Restaurants like IHOP and Paco’s Tacos can take away the hunger for a small price.

    Santa Barbara

    One of the most famous restaurants in this area is The Black Sheep. Their menu takes inspiration from Asian, European, and Latin cuisine and gives it the final touch with locally grown ingredients.


    If you are up for some good old steak, Imperial has just the right thing for you. The Maranatha Steakhouse offers all kinds of food, but their steak is worth it. Just make sure to order it medium for maximum juiciness.


    Taking into consideration the reviews on the internet, it seems like the residents of Whittier really love their pizza and other Italian specialties. After you move here with movers Whittier CA, you might as well join the pizza-loving club.

    Friends enjoying one of the places with best restaurants in Southern California
    Kern is a small place where people know each other

    Conclusion on places with best restaurants in Southern California

    Whether you will be moving to South Carolina for personal reasons or moving for work, one thing is true, you will enjoy the food here. Even the pickiest eater will find something that they like because you can find any type of food everywhere.


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