Top 10 safest neighborhoods in Southern California

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    Southern California has always been a top destination for movers from the US, but also from the entire world. The variety of cities, opportunities, and chances it offers are seldom matched anywhere else. Many people decide to move not only to its best-known cities, such as LA but to all sorts of smaller communities and towns. But which ones are the safest? According to some statistics, California is the 17th most dangerous state in the US. However, that’s on average for the whole state. There are plenty of cities and towns that are safer than other places, especially the local neighborhoods. Armed with the information on the safest neighborhoods, as well as a moving company, such as Family Affair Moving OC, you’re well on your way to relocating to one of the safest neighborhoods in Southern California.

    San Clemente has always been popular, especially Forster Ranch

    It has a population of roughly 64,000 people and is well-known for its outstanding surfing spots. If your family enjoys sports, you’ll have a great time there. It’s known far and wide for its beautiful scenery, but especially for many of its surfing locations. For those families that simply love doing outdoor activities, this is going to be a perfect fit. According to data provided by the Neighborhood Scout, it’s 40% safer than the rest of the US. Per 1,000 residents, its crime rate stands at just 14.95. Those are not bad numbers! Its most safe neighborhood is Forster Ranch. It’s a sprawling collection of single-family homes and high-end condominium buildings. If that sounds interesting, Forster Ranch inhabitants’ typical household income is $143,164. You will quickly see why so many people choose to relocate here!

    Family sitting at a table in their Southern California neighborhood.
    Forster Ranch, and San Clemente in general, have been quite a popular moving destination in recent times.

    The population of this neighborhood is made up of 74% couples, 18% single-female families, 8% single-male households, and 28% families with children. The median age is 49. You can see that this neighborhood is not exactly attractive to young people looking to make a name for themselves in the industry, but to experienced work professionals. On the other hand, it’s a great and safe place to raise your family – if you’re thinking about it. Thanks to its popularity, there are a lot of movers San Clemente offers to handle your relocation process. Due to the volatile changing of the market, it’s recommended to get binding estimates from a company you most like. That’s going to allow you to have a seamless moving experience to the Spanish Village by the Sea – as San Clemente is called.

    Tustin has one of the safest neighborhoods in Southern California

    Tustin is a great option if you like smaller communities. With just around 80,000 residents, it’s certainly not one of the biggest cities in California. However, that’s one of its biggest perks. When speaking about its crime rates, it is 16% safer than the rest of the US cities on average. When talking specifically about its most safe neighborhood, that’s certainly Tustin Ranch North. The median real estate price there is $1,153,175, which is a lot higher than average prices in both US and CA. Most of the neighborhood consists of either three to four-bedroom houses and more. It’s home to the most wealthy people in the US, with just 0.8% of US neighborhoods being wealthier on average.

    person on a computer searching for one of the safest neighborhoods in Southern California
    Tustin is often a top destination for movers from all over thanks to its great salaries and work opportunities.

    You will see that Tustin has a variety of things it offers. On one hand, you’re going to be able to find great work opportunities, as well as top schools, both public and private. On the other hand, the city’s average crime rates are slightly higher, but some neighborhoods are safer than others. When picking a city, it’s more important to focus on the specific neighborhood than the entire city – and Tustin Ranch North is especially safe. It’s also quite popular with movers Tustin CA hosts. It’s especially popular with those looking only for the safest neighborhoods in Southern California. Other safe parts of Tustin you should consider are definitely Red Hill, Tustin Ranch, and Red Hill South!

    Choose Santa Ana’s Rocking Horse Ridge and you won’t look further for the safest neighborhoods in Southern CA

    Santa Ana is both bigger and safer than Tustin, according to statistics provided by the Neighborhood Scout. If you had some doubts about Tustin, but just like the general location – Santa Ana is your choice. As a bigger city, it will be able to offer you many offer opportunities a smaller city like Tustin cannot match. Rocking Horse Ridge is a well-liked community for homebuyers who can afford a house in the $1.18M area, as well as for those who want a safe neighborhood to relocate to. Residents have described that this neighborhood is particularly family-friendly, pet-friendly, gated, and quiet. Many people who desire to move to only Southern California’s safest neighborhoods are looking exactly for those!

    A woman sitting with her pets on a couch.
    Rocking Horse Ridge is described as a very family and pet-friendly neighborhood in Santa Ana.

    In Santa Ana, the typical annual wage is $69,839. That’s around $5,800 a month. What’s unique about Santa Ana is that over four-fifths of the city is made up of Latinos. If you’re looking for a really diverse place with many cultures, Santa Ana is certainly an option. Because of this, the New York Times has described it to be the face of new California. It’s certainly an interesting place to move to, as many of the movers Santa Ana has can vouch for. Thanks to its strong industry and economy, it’s very attractive to lots of young professionals looking for well-paying jobs. Couple that with its super-safe neighborhoods, and you get a perfect option for you. All of this makes for a really good moving package, where you get the best out of different aspects.

    Friendly Hills is the safest neighborhood Whittier offers

    With a bit of a pun, Friendly Hills are really going to be the most friendly option for you in Whittier in terms of its safe neighborhoods. Whittier, as a whole, has served as the backdrop for several well-known movies and TV series. You might’ve already seen some of the beautiful locations and scenery it offers. If you ask the people who’ve relocated here, thanks to the movers Whittier, you’ll see there’s plenty to this city that might not seem so obvious. For starters, great job opportunities. That’s a salary range from a low of $53,256 to a high of $69,906, with an average compensation of $61,258. Those numbers aren’t exactly low. Meaning, you’re probably going to be able to find a good-paying job. Furthermore, Whittier is pretty known and popular with people moving from all over, so you’re in for a good deal.

    A family spending time together in one of the safest neighborhoods in Southern California
    Friendly Hills, one of the safest neighborhoods in Southern California, is often described to be particularly family-friendly.

    When looking at its safety and crime rates, Whittier is safer than 25% of US cities. Its safest neighborhood is Friendly Hills.  You can get property there for an average price of around $1,297,337. According to some statistics, it’s more family-friendly than 95.4% of California. That’s why it has become quite popular with all sorts of movers Whittier CA offers, with people flocking to the neighborhood from all over. Thanks to its general safety, and family-friendly atmosphere – lots of people are choosing it as a new place to call home. Thanks to Whittier’s location, there are many more great places around the city for all sorts of activities. When thinking of relocating to a specific area, don’t look at just one metric – for example, its safety. Focus on the local schools, work opportunities and etc.

    Choose Diamond Bar and its Diamond Bar South neighborhood for safety

    Diamond Bar is probably the smallest community you are going to find on this list. But that’s one of its biggest strengths and merits. As you can imagine, the safest neighborhoods in Southern California are going to be in smaller cities and towns. In general, they’re more likely to have a lower crime rate. Couple that with a rich gated neighborhood, and you’re set to experience the best Southern Cali has to offer. Many people relocating here know these facts well and are happy to use the services of movers Diamond Bar CA to move to the area. According to some statistics, per 1,000 residents its crime rate stands at an astonishing number of just 15.87. That makes it one of the safest places in Cali. Diamond Bar is not going to disappoint you. Most of its neighborhoods are going to be an amazing option, especially Diamond Bar South.

    A group of people spending time together.
    Because of Diamond Bar’s small size, it’s a great place to meet new people and make friends.

    On average, you’re going to spend around $980,000 to buy property in the neighborhood. On the other hand, you can rent something for around $4,200 a month. Those are pretty good options considering everything else, so make sure to research more about the topic. Thanks to its small size, it’s going to feel like home in no time. People here are close to each other, many know each other really well. That all make for a really safe neighborhood, certainly one of the safest in Southern California. Thanks to the great-rated public schools in the area, this is a true hidden diamond in the area. You won’t make a mistake if you call the local moving companies right now and schedule your relocation.

    Finally, Long Beach’s population and opportunities you will like

    Long Beach stands in stark contrast with the rest of the cities on the list. It’s home to half a million people, making it lots bigger than, for example, Tustin. For all those looking to live in a much bigger city, this is going to be a great option. Moreover, the city has a booming economy – making job hunting a lot easier.  According to some stats, its average pay is around $59,000. That’s a reasonable price, although there are certainly people who make way more, and way less. Anesthesiologists, radiologists, and endodontists are a few of the professions in Long Beach that provide the highest salaries. If you’re one of those, then movers Long Beach CA offers are just a call away. There’s really a lot to think about when choosing between smaller cities and Long Beach. Consider how much of a crowded place you want to live in.

    When thinking of the safest neighborhoods Long Beach offers – certainly consider Belmont Shore. According to the movers Long Beach CA, the neighborhood is quite active and has a lot to offer. For example, its Long Beach Sea Festival features beach and ocean-related activities for all kinds of people – from families with children to individuals. Speaking of families, the neighborhood attracts many wealthy individuals. It’s part of the top 15% of most wealthy neighborhoods in the States. It’s generally thought to be the safest place in the entire city, so you shouldn’t worry too much about the crime rates. The area is served by the following schools:

    • Lowell Elementary – around 750 students attend it and have earned multiple state and national awards
    • Will Rogers Middle School – with a diverse student body, and many great electives for your kids.
    • Woodrow Wilson Classical High School – it was ranked 150th in terms of the ranking of the best standout schools in the US, just as many other schools in Long Beach, and Southern California’s safest neighborhoods are
    A kid with some school supplies in one of the safest neighborhoods in Southern California
    The school districts that serve Belmont Shore, the safest neighborhood in Long Beach, are a great choice, and are well-ranked.

    How to choose something from the list of the safest neighborhoods in Southern California

    As you can see, there are plenty of different and unique options on this list. You’re going to need to be more specific about what you’re looking for. Many cities in Southern California have got great and safe neighborhoods – but what else do you want out of your city of choice? If it’s the local schools, research all the school districts and look at how they rank on the national level. If it’s work opportunities, see how much time it’s going to take you from your home to your job place. Many people actually choose to live in one city, while working in another since a lot of places in Southern CA are next to each other. In any case, your research should be thorough – make sure you’re covering all aspects.

    The best moving advice is to have enough time to research and plan accordingly. Since there are a lot of the safest neighborhoods in Southern California, give yourself a few months to draw up all the possible information about them. Then choose a single place after comparing all the statistics you’ve found. That’s going to allow you to settle down in a single neighborhood or city, after which you should start contacting the local moving companies. By furthermore comparing their moving quotes, you’re going to be able to find both the safest neighborhood and relocate there for a cheap price.


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