Top places to see in Southern California

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    Southern California is one of the most popular destinations in America. Millions of tourists rush there every year, attracted by all sorts of attractions. It’s hard to single out the top places to see in Southern California when there are a plethora of exciting locations. Still, we have tried to pick out some of the most memorable locations. At least one of them will intrigue you and make you visit Southern California.

    Fun and attractions for the whole family in Southern California

    Whether you are an outdoor type of person who craves action, or you’re more up for visiting sights, head to California. Not only that you won’t regret it, but you’ll also come back for more. We can guarantee you’d have a time of your life. So, next time you’re about to relocate, hire one of the best moving companies Orange County. Let them take care of your relocation, while you’re exploring California and its landmarks. 

    Beach in sunset is one of the top places to see in Southern California
    Visit some of the most beautiful beaches in SoCal.

    Alluring beaches of Southern California

    It’s almost impossible to narrow down the choice and pick one of the hundreds of gorgeous beaches. The California coast it’s 840 miles of golden sand and beautiful coves. However, if you decide to visit San Diego, make sure you visit La Jolla Cove. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Due to its dreamy scenery, it’s perfect for taking photos and romantic walks. But if you’re up for snorkeling or kayaking, you can rent all the gear or go on guided tours. Another must-visit place is Catalina Island. White sand and crystal clear water are special traits of this island. It’s a perfect spot for weekend getaways or vacations. Also, check out Huntington Beach, a coastal city. This city is famous for its 8,5 miles long beach, popular with surfers. Movers Huntington Beach will relocate your home if you decide to move there. 

    National parks for outdoor lovers

    If you prefer mountains and nature over beaches and urban cities, then you should visit Sequoia National Park. You’ll get to see these giant trees, and explore canyons and caves, by foot or by tour bus. Many ranger-led activities, rock climbing, and cave exploring await visitors. Another must-see spot is Joshua Tree National Park. Its scenic desert landscapes drow tons of visitors. Whether you like horse riding, camping, rock climbing, or just taking photos of its diverse wildlife, you’ll enjoy it there. Don’t miss night camping and stargazing. Movers Villa Park CA will relocate you quickly, in case you choose to settle near this amazing park. Death Valey is the third national park in SoCal. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but still very popular for its scenery, rare oasis, desolate mines, etc.

    Bright and stainless-steal building
    The monumental Walt Disney Concert Hall is a world-famous attraction.

    Art and culture of Southern California

    For all culture and art lovers, SoCal offers plenty of content. Numerous museums, galleries, and theaters attract millions of visitors each year. Other than that, don’t miss to visit cuisine and wine events, or see its architectural gems. Movers Pomona are at your disposal any time of the year. 

    • Visit some of the exhibits in Griffith Park. Since its opening in 1935, Griffith Observatory is among the top 5 sights in California. You must experience a star-gazing through its marvelous telescope.
    • Los Angeles Museum of Art is the largest museum in the west of the USA. Its rotating exhibits and outdoor collections are special treats for visitors.
    • Walt Disney Concert Hall it’s a bright, stainless steel monument. This is the home of the LA Philharmonic and the rose-shaped Lillian Disney Fountain.
    • Another Los Angeles famous venue is the Greek Theater. It’s an outdoor amphitheater surrounded by trees. There you can dine in the intimate and romantic atmosphere or watch a concert. 
    • The architectural legacy of California’s mission era is these enduring buildings with red roofs, white walls, and arched colonnades. 21 missions are stretched along the El Camino Real. They are welcoming visitors, and you can attend a mass on Sundays. Also, you can buy a small reminder in one of the gift shops. 
    • For wine lovers, there is a wine road that starts at Escondido and ends at Skot Harvey Wines. This adventure lasts for 2 – 4 days and takes visitors to 9 wineries along the way. Except for wine tasting, you get to explore marvelous vineyards and ranches. 

    Amusement and theme parks

    One of the top places to see in Southern California is Disneyland. This world-famous amusement park offers two theme parks, three hotels, and more than 90 attractions. It’s a place where fairytales come true. Your kids will also enjoy visiting Belmont Amusement Park. It’s one of the San Diego attractions. Being located on Mission Beach, it offers a unique experience. It’s the home of the famous Giant Dipper roller coaster. But you can also visit the Plunge swimming pool, shops, and restaurants. Also, we must mention Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park. There you can visit an aquarium or take a ride on the iconic Ferris Wheel. Besides that, you can enjoy beach strolls, surfing, and swimming. 

    Universal Studios building in the day light.
    Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the top places to see in Southern California.

    Universal Studios Hollywood

    Hollywood is another must-see attraction. The iconic Hollywood sign is impossible to visit, though you can see it from afar. Still, Universal Studios Hollywood welcomes visitors. It’s a family-friendly theme park. Fans of movies can enjoy many rides or take behind-scene tours. Moreover, fans can attend live performances or watch a movie. If you dream of seeing rich and famous stars, visit Beverly Hills and Malibu Beach. If lucky enough, you can even see one. One more sight of Hollywood is The walk of fame, everyone’s favorite sight. Movers Fullerton can relocate you to LA easily and quickly. 

    The best of Southern California

    We mentioned some of the top places to see in Southern California. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the gems await for you to discover them. So don’t hesitate, hit the road, and explore diverse SoCal. 


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