What are the biggest challenges when moving long distance?

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    The process of moving comes with a certain set of challenges. Some moves are more challenging than others, but one is for sure, long-distance moves are the most laborious. Apart from the long distance that you have to pass, other factors make it more difficult. If you want to make your move as easy as it gets, we recommend hiring some OC movers. They will help you overcome some of the biggest challenges when moving long distance, but you should first learn which challenges those are. That is why we are here with this guide.

    The biggest challenges when moving long distance

    People often portrayed long-distance moves as the most difficult moving experience. That’s why this type of moving is just for the truly bold. Or the ones that have some long distance movers Orange County CA at their side. Whatever your case is, you should know the biggest challenges when moving long distance. Those are:

    • Finding a good mover
    • Unexpected traffic conditions
    • Regulations misunderstanding
    • Making an unrealistic budget
    Picture of a road
    Long distance moves are often pictured as the most difficult moves

    Finding a good mover

    Nowadays when everyone can advertise their services as the best online, it is challenging to truly find the best ones. Long-distance moving is not just laborious for the person that is moving, it is also difficult for the movers. Apart from the fact that they have to use the best quality moving supplies Orange County CA they also have to use good packing techniques. You cannot expect that from amateurs. That’s why finding good movers is a challenge and the main obstacle in having a seamless moving experience.

    Unexpected traffic conditions

    When traveling long distance, you will go through a lot of traffic, if you choose to get there by car. If you avoid the weekends and rush hours, you should be good. That’s why it is very important to schedule your move with some Orange County residential movers during a weekday, preferably not in summer. Avoiding traffic jams will drastically diminish the duration of your move, which should be your goal.


    Even moving between different states can have you misunderstand some regulations, let alone moving to another country. Every place has its laws, which you should investigate before moving. Some items aren’t allowed into certain countries and one that even your movers won’t transport. If you have some of these items, it would be better to get rid of them than to risk having headaches.

    Unrealistic budget

    Moving is quite expensive, even if it’s just moving across the street. Long-distance moves can turn out quite expensive, so proper budgeting is a must here. Wanting to save money and not spend anything outside of the planned amount is great, but sometimes unexpected expenses happen. Always plan out a little more money that you will need. Chances are that you will spend everything until you get to your new home. It is a long trip after all.

    Picture of person counting money in order to avoid one of the biggest challenges when moving long distance
    Budgeting is a must


    The majority of the biggest challenges when moving long distance can be resolved if you prepare on time. Maybe you cannot change the traffic conditions on moving day, but you can for sure learn the regulations and laws of a certain country before you move. We wish you good luck!


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