What are the different types of moving estimates

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    Relocation is a process everyone goes through once in their lifetime. With all the stuff that you need to finish and the whole moving aspect, it is no secret that it can induce stress to anyone. Moving estimates are another aspect you should look out for.

    a truck with a trailer on the highway
    Professional movers offer clients estimates based on the weight of the cargo

    When moving, hiring professional help, like Southern California movers, you ensure to lower the stress levels of the moving process. Professional movers help their clients pack, store and relocate their belongings, according to their needs. Many companies also offer their clients different moving estimates. We want to help you understand what those estimates are and which ones are better than others.

    What are moving estimates and what types are there?

    When hiring professional assistance for moving, companies will always evaluate the work that needs to be done and the equipment they have to use. Firstly, this helps them approach the whole process from the right angle. Secondly, it allows the movers to identify the challenging logistics of the move. For instance, how approachable your home is and how to approach the loading process of the furniture or other items. Based on this information, the movers will create a plan of action, which will result in the smoothest moving process possible. When talking about estimates we can put out three types that are the most common:

    1. A non-binding estimate – an estimate based on the weight of the items that can vary
    2. A binding estimate – an estimate with fixated cost regardless of the items’ weight
    3. A binding not-to-exceed estimate – an estimate that does not charge extra for extra weight

    Factors that affect the moving cost can vary from how accessible your driveway is, to how many stairs need to be climbed to reach the destination. It is an insight into the cost of the move.

    Non-binding estimate

    As said above, a non-binding estimate is based on the weight of the items that need relocation. Although this type of deal seems fair, it is not one of the most popular ones. Agreeing to a non-binding estimate may cause more expenses if it turns out that the weight of the items is higher than before. They are good for initially evaluating the weight and the cost of the move, but they usually require an additional cost once the moving day arives.

    The biggest issue following this type of evaluation is that it requires no contract. This allows scammers and rogue movers to offer a too-good-to-be-true offer to a client. However, at the end of the day, the client will have to pay a larger fee than expected.

    Binding estimate

    A binding estimate is a type of cost evaluation where the client is set to pay a fixed amount for the move. By evaluating the weight of the belongings the moving company will present the cost of the move to the client. This type of moving estimate does not allow the movers to raise the price of the move. This means that the client will pay the original price with no additional costs. On the other hand, if the items are below the agreed weight the client will have to pay the original price of the move, regardless of what the weight is. This option is great for people who have heavy objects to transport. Movers like piano movers Orange Country, CA, can provide good estimates on the items.

    While this might not be the best choice it sure has its advantages. For instance, if the weight of the items exceed the company cannot charge the client for those items in the last minute. This piece of mind is what appeals to people who are moving the most. No hidden costs or extra payments once the deal is done. Before making a deal, run quotas on different moving companies and compare the prices. This will give you the best insight into what the average cost is and what is the best option.

    A binding not-to-exceed estimate

    These types of estimates are one of the most popular estimates to offer. Especially to people relocating on long-distance or interstate moves. Even if the weight of the items that need transport exceeds the limit the client will not be charged extra for the move.

    a ship on sea with cargo onboard
    Certain estimates are aimed for people moving long distance

    This makes the original price fixated and no extra costs will add up. However, if the weight is below the original evaluation the client will have to pay the cost of shipping for the weight of the items. Instead of paying the full price regardless of the type of items that need transport. Whether it is moving office equipment or heavy appliances, the client can end up paying less than the original price.

    How do moving estimates help the client?

    Allowing the moving company, as well as the client, to gain a better insight into the items’ weight and fragility can benefit the whole process of moving. It ensures that the move will go smoothly. Moreover, both the client and the mover will know what to expect. Before moving, make sure to go through the last minute moving checklist, to avoid paying extra or to know what needs to be added into the evaluation.

    a calculator on a piece of paper to evaluate the cost of moving estimates
    Additional cost can induce stress, avoid it by calculating in advance

    When considering moving estimates you should always pay close attention to the offer. As different movers may offer different prices for the same type of move. Opting for the one that suits your needs the best is always the best choice. Since relocation usually represents the start of a new chapter in one’s life we think it is important to start it on the right track. Taking a financial toll on bad estimates can create a lot of stress. This stress is exactly what we want to avoid during the moving process.

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