What moving supplies do you need for a successful relocation?

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    Are you moving soon? It’s never too early to start stocking up on moving supplies Orange County CA you will most likely need. You’re probably going to be focused on other tasks on a moving day so why not start in advance? That’s why we’ve prepared an article on what moving supplies do you need for a successful relocation so keep reading to find out more.

    You will need moving boxes for a successful relocation

    When moving your home, you will probably need a combination of small, medium as well as large boxes. Moving boxes take about 23% of the total cubic feet of your relocation. Use a packing calculator to roughly understand how many boxes as well as packing materials you will need based on the size of your home and the people in your household. You will probably need smaller and medium boxes more than larger ones because they are more lightweight when stacked with items. And don’t forget to put lightweight items into large boxes and heavy items into small boxes.

    moving boxes - material needed for a successful relocation
    Moving boxes are important supplies you will need for a successful relocation.


    You probably don’t want to just throw your belongings in moving boxes. That’s why you should use foam wrap sheets to keep items like dishes from ending up damaged. Bubble wrap works better for wrapping items that are larger or have a weird shape. The newspaper also offers protection, however, it’s not as efficient. But if you want to use newspaper instead, hold onto it for a few weeks or has k your neighbors for their newspaper after they’re finished reading. But bear in mind that newspapers won’t have as much cushioning ability as proper packing supplies. So don’t use it for items that are extra fragile.

    Labeling materials

    Label your boxes while you are packing them. Everyone has different methods. Some people like to write the labels on a box, while others like to create a color code with colored stickers. If you want the labels to look highly visible and clear, use colored stickers. But whatever you use, make sure to label your boxes on each side. 

    Packing tape

    Even though you might be thinking of buying the cheapest tape you can, it’s highly recommended to spend a bit more money and buy high-quality tape. Cheap tape is usually too thin and it doesn’t stick as well. Buy brands you’ve heard of. You can even use a tape gun to distribute tape quickly. And make sure to buy tape in bulk rolls. You may think you don’t need too much tape but you will probably use more than you expect.

    man looking at the camera standing next to a moving box wondering what supplies do you need for a successful relocation
    High-quality packing tape is important on the list of which supplies do you need for a successful relocation.

    Moving blankets

    Moving blankets are one of the most important moving supplies you will need for a successful relocation. These have 2 purposes for your relocation. The first purpose is that you can use them as furniture covers. Or you can wrap them around easily damaged items to ensure they don’t get scuffed. And the second purpose is that you can use them to move bulky and heavy items. This is kind of a moving hack, however, you can put a heavy item like a drawer, dresser, or a heavy box onto the moving blanket and then pull it across the floor. This won’t just protect your furniture and floor, but it will also protect your back! However, if you’re moving a piano or other items that are very heavy, make sure to piano movers Orange County CA!

    Moving dollies, hand trucks, and moving straps

    Instead of buying moving dollies and hand trucks, we recommend renting them from movers. But if you’re gonna be moving a lot of furniture regularly and have plenty of storage room, it’s a better idea to buy them. You can rent a moving dolly for about $20 which is a lot cheaper than buying it.

    If you need to move a lot of bulky items up and down the stair, use wearable moving straps instead. Moving straps will make it much easier for you and your friends to move bulky items. But make sure to read the instruction manual to avoid any unwanted injuries!

    hand trucks
    Renting hand trucks and dollies can save you money.

    Furniture pads and covers

    Utilize furniture pads to protect your furniture. Putting a pad over your drawer can make a big difference between good as new and a big dent on top every time you need to take your clothes out. Even though you can buy furniture pads, it’s better to rent the. You can get dozens of these for $10 – 20 from movers. It’s about the same price as buying just one pad.

    Furniture covers are plastic slides that will go over your furniture to protect it. Even though covers don’t offer a lot of padding, they can still keep your items clean and prevent any damage on the surface. And they can also keep your warranty.

    Rental truck

    If you decide to hire moving services in Orange County CA to pack your belongings, then you will probably need to rent a truck. Make sure to rent a truck that is the right size according to the size of your home. Get estimates from a few companies for the best price.

    Check with your movers what moving supplies do you need for a successful relocation

    Preparing for a successful relocation will need a list of important moving supplies you shouldn’t miss. From moving boxes to cushioning materials, labeling materials to packing tape, and furniture pads to rental trucks, each item is important in ensuring a smooth and stress-free move. Planning in advance, and using high-quality moving supplies, while moving Orange County can make the entire relocation more efficient and easier. By buying all of the right supplies, you can be assured that your items will be safely transported to your new home in good condition. So if you are moving anytime soon, make sure to buy all of the supplies for a successful relocation.


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