What should you wear on moving day in California

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    Relocation requires a lot of preparation. You will have to work hard, non-stop, for a couple of days, maybe weeks to get everything done. The purpose of proper preparation is to have the least amount of obligations on a moving day. However, amongst the obligations you will have before you move, one will be – what to wear on a moving day. As you are waiting for moving companies Irvine to aid you with the relocation process make sure you separate clothes to make you feel comfortable on a moving day. Being comfortable on that day will help you reduce stress and feel happier about the whole process. Moreover, it is always advisable to be ready for potential issues that might arise on that day.

    How to dress and what to wear on moving day to California

    The state of California is known to be a sunny and hot state. Knowing that it is only logical that one would prepare light and cosy clothes for the moving day. However, you should not only worry about what you want to wear. Especially if you are moving for a longer-distance. In that case, you should have back-up solutions, as well as different clothes to change. Because you will be moving under the hot sun, you should be ready to change a couple of times to avoid being uncomfortable in your clothes, as well as your own skin.

    a woman going through her dresser to choose what to wear on moving day to California
    Pre-selecting your clothes before the moving day arrives is the best way to be fully ready for the relocation process

    Many people might make the mistake of not thinking about clothes before the moving day – which is normal. Relocation is a process that will occupy both your mind and time. It that clutter of obligations, we cannot blame someone for not thinking about moving day clothing.

    Always go for the most comfortable clothing you own

    Now, being comfortable on a moving day is not just about the trip to your new home. Bear in mind that, once the OC movers arrive, you will have to help them pack everything and make sure you did not leave anything behind. In that scenario, one should opt for clothing that makes you feel comfortable and flexible. Avoid jeans, for example, as you will have low flexibility and they can sometimes be uncomfortable. Instead, decide to wear clothes you find most comfortable – but that still allows you to bend and carry items with ease. Opt for clothes such as:

    • Light sweatpants
    • A casual t-shirt or shirt
    • Sleeveless shirts provide extra comfort, flexibility and are perfect for working in the sun
    • Shorts and low-ankle sneakers

    For instance, you should also avoid wearing sandals or slippers while you are packing your items. Once you get on the road, you can slip into them for more comfort and cooling.

    Cheap clothing is the perfect choice for the moving day work

    As we mentioned above, you will probably have to work a little more on a moving day. Because of that, you should avoid wearing clothes you love or that is expensive. Packing and moving your items and boxes to the moving truck is a lot of work. As such, you should expect things like getting dirty, dusty, getting caught on something and ripping your shirt, etc. Of course, these are all issues that might happen and you should be ready for them none-the-less.

    a rack of clothes with a man in the background trying them out
    Cheap and light shirts, as well as shorts, are the best solution for the working part of the moving day

    Getting your favorite shirt dirty or ripped will induce stress and might cause some moving day mistakes. In conclusion, choose your “working clothes” as something to wear on moving day to prevent your favorite clothes from ripping or getting dirty. If you do not have clothes to wear for such an occasion, you can buy some second-hand items just for that type of work.

    Pre-select what you want to wear on moving day

    Apart from working clothes, you will have to prepare your traveling clothes. We advise you do this a couple of days before the moving day. Namely, separate clothes that are light and allow your skin to breathe under the warm Californian sun. By doing so, you will not have to worry about moving day clothes and thus, can focus on other obligations you have. Dedicate a bag just for clothes on the road. For instance, pack slippers, shorts, and shirts in a single bag you will carry in the car with you. Moreover, these clothes you pack will serve as a back-up in case you have to change while on the road. They say that good preparation can make the relocation process easy. As you have a million things to do until you move away, that saying seems like a piece of really good advice.

    Hats, light-footwear and sun creams are a must

    Finally, as one of the things to pack when moving to California – we advise packing hats, light footwear, and sun creams. Firstly, because the Californian sun can cause issues for those who are not adjusted to it. Secondly, because you should protect yourself from the sun regardless of where you are moving. Sun cream is a good way to protect your skin while on the road and allow it to breathe and regenerate.

    four straw hats on a store shelf
    Hats will help you keep your head cool and protect your face from direct sunlight

    Moreover, a hat seems like a must for those who spend all day underneath the Sun. It will not only provide you with protection from sunburns but also protect your eyesight if you are driving and cool your head. At last, pack light footwear to wear on moving day. Sweating will not only make you uncomfortable while on the road, but it can also lead to other issues like itchy parts of the body. Especially while driving.



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