What to do with leftover moving boxes

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    Relocation is quite a complex process. It will require good organization, a lot of moving supplies, your time and money and it will test your patience. However, finishing with relocation is one of the most rewarding feelings ever. You are in a new home, ready to start your new life. But, you have a problem. There is an abundance of leftover moving boxes and other supplies still in your home after you settle in. So what should you do with them? Luckily, this is what we are going to talk about today. Moreover, if you need help with your relocation process, we advise getting help from a professional company, such as the best moving companies Orange County. Making the relocation process as stressless as possible is the best way to ensure a good relocation experience.

    What should you do with the leftover moving boxes?

    Relocation will require good planning from your side. The better you plan everything out – the easier the process is going to be. However, this means that once you finish moving your items you will be left with leftover supplies. The best way to approach this situation is to think green. Finding a way to utilize these supplies, especially cardboard boxes, can both help you and the environment. More importantly, finding a good purpose for those boxes instead of throwing them away is always the best option. So, what purpose can these boxes serve?

    a couple taping and writing on leftover moving boxes
    Due to their practicality, cardboard boxes will always have a purpose and should never be thrown away
    • You can give them away to people who need them for moving
    • Recycling is the greenest way to go
    • Utilize them for more storage space in your home
    • Engage in some DIY projects

    Give them to people who need them for moving

    The circle goes around when it comes to relocation. Every person follows almost the same pattern when it comes to materials they use, organization, etc. This means that the leftover moving boxes you have might benefit someone else. Especially if you have no use for them. Therefore, contact someone you know is moving soon and give them the boxes. If you do not know someone who is moving, check your social media and tell people you have free boxes to give. This way, the boxes will serve their purpose without polluting the environment. Moreover, if you want, you can still charge for those boxes, but keep in mind that the boxes are used and not in their original condition. This is a good solution if you bought the boxes and want to get some of the money back.

    Recycling is the greenest way to go

    If you do not have a purpose for the boxes after the relocation – recycle them. Instead of throwing them out in the trash and increasing the carbon footprint, you should make them serve another purpose. As packing materials and supplies create tons of waste on a yearly basis, even a small difference can make a big impact. There are two options you can go about this. Firstly, you can simply flatten the boxes and place them into the recycling container you have nearby. Secondly, you can walk down to the recycling center and give them directly to them.


    a recycling symbol on the table with a lightbulb, a plate and a plastic cup around it
    Recycling is the best way to reuse the energy of the materials if you do not find a purpose for them

    This is a much better solution given the fact that the company will not burn any fuel coming to get the boxes from the container. Moreover, if you decide to take them directly to the center, make sure you pack all of them and no waste money on gas for multiple trips.

    Utilize leftover moving boxes for extra storage in your home

    The next purpose you can find for these boxes is creating extra storage space in your home. Namely, we are certain everyone will have something to place inside a box and slide it under the bed or in the closet. Moreover, regardless of what you want to store, this will create more space in your home in general. You can use the boxes to store cleaning supplies in them. Since you will probably clean your new home after you arrive this will help you keep the supplies in one place. Another great use of these boxes for storage is storing kids’ toys inside if you have children. You will always find a good purpose for these boxes around your house. As there is basically a purpose for them in each room of the house.

    Engage in some DIY projects

    DIY projects are a great way to de-stress after a long relocation. More importantly, if you have children, this project will help them relax. After movers Anaheim finish with the relocation, you will have a lot of boxes to deal with. For instance, you can give your children the boxes so they can draw something on them – thus occupying their attention while you are unpacking.

    a woman watering plants that are planted in a cardboard cutout
    There are many different uses to cardboard and engaging in some DIY projects will help you realize that

    On the other hand, they are very good when it comes to protecting floors from pain – in case you need to paint something in your home. Finally, you can utilize them by using them for presents and gifts you give to your children or other people. Simply wrap them in wrapping paper and you are good to go.

    Leftover moving boxes will always have some purpose

    Due to their practicality, the boxes you use for moving will always find a purpose. Whether it is in your home or someone else’s. From keeping your children entertained to storing items inside them, you can utilize these boxes in every aspect you prefer. This only goes to show that throwing them away is really unnecessary. Especially when you know you can simply give them to someone who needs them instead of throwing them away. Because of their functionality, these boxes are best to be used for a variety of different purposes instead of being thrown away.


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