What to expect after moving from Newport Beach to Costa Mesa

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    If you’re considering moving from Newport Beach to Costa Mesa, it’s essential to know what awaits in your potential new home. Costa Mesa, known for its vibrant arts scene, affordable housing, and diverse neighborhoods, offers a unique blend of suburban living and city excitement. We will guide you through the pros and cons of moving to Costa Mesa, explore differences between it and Newport Beach, answer the big question – “Is Costa Mesa a good place to live?” and identify the best places to live in Costa Mesa. You will also find useful resources like movers Orange CA offers to ease your transition.

    Pros of moving to Costa Mesa

    Costa Mesa’s appeal is evident in its cost-effective housing options. A quick comparison with Newport Beach reveals that Costa Mesa offers excellent value for money. Although both cities have quite high real estate prices, the median home price in Costa Mesa of $1.2 million seems like a steal compared to Newport Beach’s median of $3 million. This affordability extends beyond housing, with everyday expenses like groceries and utilities also generally cheaper here. For those transitioning from the higher cost of living in Newport Beach, this affordability can feel like a breath of fresh air.

    Costa Mesa’s wealth of amenities is another compelling draw. Its education sector is robust, with institutions like Costa Mesa High School and Orange Coast College providing quality education. For healthcare, facilities such as the Orange Coast Medical Center offer top-tier services. The city’s shopping scene is also diverse, from high-end retail at South Coast Plaza to boutique stores in Eastside Costa Mesa.

    The arts are celebrated in Costa Mesa. The city houses the world-class Segerstrom Center for the Arts, where residents can enjoy Broadway shows, concerts, and ballet. For those interested in local art, the Costa Mesa Art Walk features works by local artists, underlining the city’s dedication to fostering local talent and cultural expression.

    a man moving from Newport Bach to Costa Mesa
    Moving from Newport Beach is one of the best decisions you can make.

    Cons of moving to Costa Mesa

    While Costa Mesa has numerous positives, potential residents should be aware of certain drawbacks. Among the most noticeable is the traffic congestion. Major thoroughfares like the 405 Freeway and Harbor Boulevard often see heavy traffic, particularly during rush hours. A trip that might take 15 minutes in lighter traffic can easily double during these peak times.

    There’s also a notable lifestyle shift from Newport Beach’s serene beach ambiance to Costa Mesa’s more urban character. Costa Mesa bustles with activity, and for those used to quieter surroundings, this can take some getting used to. The city center and commercial areas can get particularly lively, especially during weekends and peak tourism seasons.

    Noise levels can be higher in certain areas, too. Downtown Costa Mesa, with its restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, tends to be more energetic and noisy, especially on weekends.

    Additionally, Costa Mesa’s popularity as a tourist destination means the city can feel crowded, particularly during special events like the OC Fair. But don’t worry, with some local knowledge and help from moving companies Costa Mesa, you can find a home in quieter residential neighborhoods like Mesa Verde or Eastside Costa Mesa if you prefer a more peaceful environment.

    a worried woman
    As with any place, there are cons of moving to Costa Mesa.

    Differences between Newport Beach and Costa Mesa

    While both Newport Beach and Costa Mesa are part of the scenic Orange County, they present distinct living experiences. Newport Beach is a seaside city with a reputation for luxury and a relaxed, upscale beach-town vibe. The movers Newport Beach offers can tell you that the city is known for its affluent neighborhoods, yacht-filled harbors, and high-end retail at Fashion Island.

    Costa Mesa, though just about 10 miles away, exhibits a different character. It is a vibrant city with a strong cultural and arts focus. A prime example is the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, which hosts Broadway shows, concerts, and other performances year-round. The demographics in Costa Mesa are also quite diverse, with a mix of families, young professionals, and retirees. This diversity reflects in its neighborhoods, from the family-oriented Mesa Verde to the youthful Westside.

    In contrast to Newport Beach’s often expensive real estate, Costa Mesa provides more affordable housing options. You’ll find a range of homes, from quaint single-family houses to contemporary apartments, attracting residents from various socio-economic backgrounds. The city’s affordability combined with its cultural richness creates a unique, dynamic atmosphere that differentiates it from its beachside neighbor.

    Best places to live in Costa Mesa

    Choosing a neighborhood in Costa Mesa depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

    • Eastside Costa Mesa is a popular choice, known for its safety and convenient access to amenities. You’ll find charming boutiques, trendy restaurants, and grocery stores all within walking distance. The Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, is just a short drive away.
    • Mesa Verde is another excellent choice, especially for families. It boasts high-performing schools like Adams Elementary and Tewinkle Middle School, making it ideal for those with school-aged children. It’s also home to the Mesa Verde Country Club and the Costa Mesa Country Club, offering recreation options for all ages.
    • For a lively, urban atmosphere, Westside Costa Mesa and the South Coast Metro (SoCo) area stand out. Westside features creative spaces like The Lab Anti-Mall and The Camp, with unique shopping and dining experiences. SoCo is the city’s cultural and shopping epicenter, featuring the South Coast Plaza, Segerstrom Center for the Arts, and several upscale restaurants.

    Engaging local moving companies Southern California will provide additional insights, helping you pick a neighborhood aligned with your preferences.

    a house
    There are numerous beautiful neighborhoods in Costa Mesa.

    Embracing the Costa Mesa lifestyle

    Moving from Newport Beach to Costa Mesa is a significant step, one filled with anticipation and curiosity. The city of Costa Mesa is a place that offers affordability, cultural richness, and a community feel within a buzzing urban environment. It does come with challenges like traffic congestion and a bustling tourism scene, but these are part of the larger, vibrant city living package. In Costa Mesa, you’re not just moving into a new house; you’re becoming part of a diverse and thriving community, ready to welcome you with open arms.

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