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    Deciding to move is a big decision to make. It will include a lot of tasks, and many changes, so you will want to know what to expect. An enjoyable moving experience is something that everyone desires. If moving to Tustin, CA is something you are considering, then hiring the best moving companies Orange County has is the best way to ensure a good relocation experience. In this article, we will discuss things you should expect once you arrive and start living in this city.

    This article will help you get to know the place before moving

    There are many reasons for people to relocate, but the most important thing is to relocate to a place that we love and enjoy. Having a good relocation experience is also a very important factor. Moving is a process that consists of many factors, and it needs to be enjoyable from begging to end. This is mostly because we tend to view relocation as the start of a new chapter in one’s life. For this reason, we will make sure to provide all the information you might need to settle in the best way possible.

    Picture of a person researching a place before moving to Tustin CA
    It is important to get to know a place before you move there

    Everything you need to know about Tustin, CA

    Tustin, CA is a small city located in Orange County. Incorporated in 1927. the city is rich with history and much of it is still in the Old Town district. The nickname for this city is “The city of trees” because of the long lines of trees spreading throughout the city streets. This adds a great deal of tranquillity and calamity to its residents, in today’s world when there is less and less greenery in the urban areas. The city’s climate is Mediterranean, viewed as the best climate type by many, which means that there are dry and hot summers and mild and wet winters. The demographic picture of the city is quite diverse, with Caucasian people making up the majority of the population, followed by the Asian and Hispanic demographic. Being located in the center of Orange County, entertainment options for all ages surround Tustin. This city is a heaven for bikers, cyclists and hikers, and anyone who considers themselves a history nerd. The Old Town district gives a wonderful insight into the city’s history, boasting buildings that date back to the 1800s. Besides the vast history, there are a lot of dinners, restaurants, and shopping centers to enjoy.

    Tustin education prosperity

    According to certain polls, the professionals with the highest salary in Tustin are people working for the Tustin Unified School District. Moreover, there are over 18 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 4 high schools, and an adult education center. The city also has 10 private schools to offer to anyone who wishes to engage in such education. Some of them include the Baptist, Jewish, Catholic, and non-Christian schools. There are also 18 colleges and universities in the area of 20 miles from the city. A few of the best schools in the area are Orange County School of Arts, Irvine High School, Woodbridge High School, Arnold O. Beckman High School, and Portola High School. Taking all of the schools into consideration, moving assisted by our Orange County residential movers will make both your move and the education of your kids top of the class.

    City residents are usually young educated people

    Due to the many educational options this city has, it is no surprise that most people who live there have at least a bachelor’s degree or some college or associate’s degree. The majority of the population is between 24 and 44 years old, making it a great place for people who wish to engage with someone their age. This also makes it a perfect city for anyone who wishes to invest in their education. Because there are a lot of young people who are moving to Tustin, CA, they will quickly start feeling at home.

    Picture of a young smilling woman
    If you decide on moving to Tustin CA, you will be surrounded by young people

    Expect a diverse cuisine when moving to Tustin, CA

    The cuisine options in Tustin only confirm how diverse this city is. Due to their diverse culture, it is expected that you will find a diverse restaurant at every corner. One of the best restaurants in the area is The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar, which boasts a 600 wine bottles list. If you come from a different background and are looking for ways to prepare for your Southern California move, you should start by adjusting your diet. The city restaurants welcome you with their mixture of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Some of the highest-rated places that prepare this type of food are Honda-Ya, Uoko Japanese Cuisine, and Gen Korean BBQ house.

    Tustin is also vegan friendly

    However, if you are looking to have a healthier diet and maybe lose some weight there is a variety of vegetarian or vegan meals in plenty of restaurants. Some of the best ones are Green Tomato Grill, Rutabegorz, and Veggie Grill. Even though these are mainly vegan restaurants, almost every place will have something for people who don’t eat animal products. Moreover, you cannot enjoy the cuisine this city has to offer if you arrive in a bad because you had a bad relocation experience. Hiring movers Tustin CA team is one of the best ways to allow yourself the luxury of focusing on the pleasure of life, rather than the move itself.

    The economy in the City of Trees is growing

    A growing economy is a positive thing, but Tistin doesn’t excel at it. Over the last year, the job market increased by 0.6%, The predicted growth for the next 10 years is 32.3%, which might seem like a lot, but it is lower than the average. The main industries in this city are:

    • Technical, scientific, and professional services – employing around 4,800 people
    • Social assistance and health care – employing around 4,600 people
    • Manufacturing – 4,400 people in Tustin work in this industry

    One thing to keep in mind before moving to Tustin CA is that the unemployment rate is also higher than the average, at 6.4%. So, before you hire some long distance movers Orange County CA team, make sure to have a secured job.

    Picture of a person signing a contract after moving to Tustin, CA
    One of the main industries is the healthcare industry

    Tustin is safer than most cities

    Safety is a very important aspect of everyday life, and moving is no exception. That’s why you should hire our last minute movers Orange County team to deal with a move where a lack of time can end in injuries. Professionals work efficiently and fast – faster than any regular person. But once you move to Tustin, you also won’t have to worry about safety. In this town, crimes don’t happen more often than they do on the national average. Violent crimes are almost non-existent, while property crimes can be a concern. Theft is the biggest problem since it is very close to the average.

    Tax rates might surprise you

    California is a great place to live in, but the states taxes are something that people don’t really like about it. Tustin is no different, with tax rates way higher than the national average. Both sales and income tax rates are high, the sooner at 7.8% while the latter is at 9.3%. Compare this to the national average of 7.3% and 4.6%, and you will see that a considerable part of your income will be spent on taxes.

    Picture of a board with letters on top of dollar bills
    The tax rates are surprisingly high

    The city’s cost of living is on the high end

    The only real disadvantage of living in this city is that it might end up costing you more than you might be used to spending. Depending on your goals, this can pose a threat or it can be an easy obstacle to pass. Because of the city’s population graph and educational prosperity, most of the people living here are students. Everybody knows that students are not yet financially stable. But the education in this city will get them a salary that they can use to live comfortably. However, if you get a job in the city, you should be able to stabilize your expenses. The cost of living in Tustin is 49% more than the national average. Fortunately, there are many ways you can reduce costs once you arrive. For instance, if you are considering hiring professional moving companies. Choosing the best time of the year to move can play a big part in your financial plan. Many professional movers are busy during the summer and will probably cost extra to hire.

    Housing costs are also expensive

    When moving to Tustin CA, or any other place, you will need a place to live. Whether you plan to buy or rent, you are in for a surprise. Housing costs are a stunning 148% higher than the national average! The median home value is $735,000, compared to the national average of $244,000. If you rely on a mortgage when buying a home, the mortgage rate here is $2,600. Rent is no different. You can expect to pay up to $2,100 a month for rent, whereas the average in the USA is $1,100.

    This results in equal parts of the population owning and renting their homes. Let’s face it, both are unaffordable, even more so thanks to the real estate market instability in the past years. But the good news is that our local movers Orange County can get you from point A to point B comfortably, for a reasonable price.

    Picture of a wooden house figurine, coins and plants
    Moving to Tustin CA will have you paying higher housing costs

    The residents of Tustin earn more than the average American

    Everything in life needs balance, and life in Tustin is no different. The high costs of living and unaffordable housing prices are often followed by good salaries, which is also the case here. People might spend a lot on taxes, housing, and other expenses, but they also earn a considerable amount of money. The average income of Tustin residents is $31,400 per year. The median household income is $94,000, compared to $70,000, which is the national average. This shows you that there is a balance in this city, because else how, no one would choose to make Tustin their home. With a population growth trend of 0.58%, our furniture movers Orange County teams have been busy, helping people with moving to Tustin CA.

    There are plenty of fun things to do

    Even though LA is the center of fun in this area, Tustin also has some things to offer. For car lovers, there is the Marconi Automotive Museum, where you can even see the owner of the beautiful, displayed cars. You can see over 100 vehicles that are worth more than $60 million. You can see world-famous car models of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and many other muscle and race cars. The interesting fact about this museum is that a portion of the money earned from events and fees is donated to organizations that help kids in need. While this attraction might be for specific interests, Citrus Ranch park is for everybody. The citrus tree orchard is the star of the show, but there are also plenty of walking trails, picnic bods, and playground equipment for kids.

    Picture of a girl enjoying a playground after moving to Tustin CA
    Even though a smaller town, there are plenty of interesting things to do after moving to Tustin, CA

    Moving to Tustin, CA is something young people should consider

    Moving to Tustin, CA is the best choice for anyone who has their finances in order. Moreover, it is a great place for anyone who wishes to focus on education. Once you invest time and money in education, it will pay off, and you will be able to live comfortably. And since this city boasts its youthful population, it is a great place for younger generations. People who desire a calm lifestyle will also love this city. And since it is only 34 miles away from LA, the crowd is only a 40 minutes drive away. Other than educational prosperity and peace, this city is great for those who wish to become more active. Many hiking and cycling trails can be found in the city. This is another great way to ensure young people fulfill their needs of staying active and occupied. 23% of the population over 55 years of age can also enjoy these outdoor activities since there are hiking trails of different difficulty levels. If everything that we stated above seems good, don’t hesitate to contact us, take advantage of our packing services Orange County movers offer, and have the move that you have been dreaming about!

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