When is the time to send complaints to a moving company

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    Relocation is a complicated and expensive process, especially if you’re moving to another state. You surely hope for the best outcome, but be aware that accidents can happen. In that case, your moving company will do its best to overcome any possible obstacles. And not just that, it should refund your loss, according to your insurance policy. However, if your movers don’t fulfill the contract obligations, it’s time to send complaints to a moving company. In the following paragraphs, we’ll show you how and when to file a complaint, if needed. To avoid such a scenario, always hire reliable movers. If you browse moving companies Southern California, you’ll find professional movers that can meet your needs. On the other hand, always know your rights before signing the moving contract. And prepare yourself for any possible outcome. 

    When is it justified to file a complaint?

    When dealing with a bad moving experience, you might just want it to be over and forget. But that way, you’ll only give your bad movers an easy way out. And above all, you’ll end up paying for lousy service and poor treatment. You have the right and moral obligation toward future clients to report the irregularities. Whether it’s about missing or damaged items, any other malpractice, or anything that opposes the contract, you have the right to appeal. Even if it was a last minute moving service, it should be done as agreed. Otherwise, you have every right to ask for coverage. Try to file a complaint on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration‘s website. Or contact Better Business Bureau or American Moving and Storage Association. Each of these organizations is dealing with customer complaints. Firstly, they’ll reach out to the company, allowing it to reply and react. 

    A man dealing with stress and anxiety should send complaints to moving company.
    Relocation can bring a lot of stress.

    In these and similar cases, you have the right to appeal. That is not the whole list of violations, but it’ll give you a certain glimpse.

    • When your items are missing, you should file a complaint. It’s wise to make an inventory list when packing.
    • Except for the loss of your items, another valid reason to appeal is damaged items. That includes any damage caused by the mishandling of your movers during the relocation. 
    • In case of delay, or retention of your items overdue (when charging per hour), you should file a complaint. 
    • Report additional or unexpected charges from your moving company. 
    • Another reason to object is when dealing with rude and unprofessional movers

    What to do if you are dissatisfied with your moving experience?

    You may think it is futile to cry over spilled milk, but you can try to make things right. There are a few steps you can take against your moving company. It’s human to make mistakes, so give your movers a chance to redeem themselves. However, when dealing with moving scams, you might even involve your lawyer and take some legal action. You’ll never have to worry about such a scenario with moving companies Mission Viejo. Because hiring a reputable and professional moving company might save you from later stress. Below, we will explain the actions you can take in case of a bad moving experience

    Woman in green shirt with red scam sign.
    Send complaints to a moving company when suspecting the scam.

    Contact your movers and elaborate your complaint

    That is the first step you should take if you have any resentments regarding your relocation. You can try to contact your movers via phone or email. You might as well visit their website, fill in a contact form and explain your discontent. Be polite and calmly present the problem. Don’t forget to collect proof of your claims, take pictures of the damaged items or gather your bills if overcharged. In most cases that is enough for the moving company to offer the settlement. But you can take further steps if the company doesn’t respond to complaints. The same goes for inadequate coverage. Another way to put additional pressure on the moving company is by writing a negative moving review. That can notably affect business, so the company will try to resolve the complaints as soon as possible. But sometimes, things can go even further. 

    File the formal complaint if the company remains unresponding

    If you send complaints to a moving company and they still act dismissive, file a formal complaint. We’ve already mentioned organizations that can help you, FMCSA, BBB, and AMSA. You’ll need to specify basic details like your name, address, company name, and contact info. Note, as well, the details of the relocation and your objections and reasons for complaint. Most companies will take this seriously at this point and will try to resolve the issues. The last option is to take the case to the small claims court. That can bring you desired satisfaction but cost you even more. Consult your attorney if it is worth the trouble. 


    woman and man shaking hands across the desk.
    It’s best to make a settlement out of court.

    What can you do to prevent such situations?

    Better be safe than sorry, so always hire a moving company with a good reputation and long years of experience. Don’t rush when you’re choosing your movers. Take your time and do some research about each company. And especially if you require special services, like moving antiques or large instruments. For that matter, browse piano movers Orange County CA, and pick the company with the highest ratings. Always check if it’s registered with the California Public Utilities Commission and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Always demand estimates in writing, at least three of them. Ask about insurance policy and coverage in case of damage or loss. Emphasize the worth of valuables and consider buying additional insurance. You might even consult the appraiser if necessary. Large deposits and vague fees are reasons for suspicion. 

    Always hire a high-quality movers

    Avoid all the stress of moving with reliable movers. Otherwise, you can expect delays and extra charges. You might even have to send complaints to a moving company. But, dealing with a reputable company can provide you with a smooth moving experience

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