Where can you find the best schools in Southern California?

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    People are moving all the time in search of better living conditions and better jobs. It has never been easier to change where you live, especially when you consider today’s cheap airline tickets and the possibility of remote working. Other reasons behind the decision to change the address often include retirement and studies. It is quite common today for students to switch cities and states in pursue of knowledge. In that sense, California’s schools and universities are ranked amongst the best in the country. If you wish to relocate to California because of studies, movers Santa Ana can help you with the move. Where can you find the best schools in Southern California? How to be certain that you have made the right decision? How can you be sure that your kids will get quality education? Well, we have some ideas, so stay with us to find out more.

    Choose the right neighborhood

    One of the most important tasks that await when you are moving is the decision on your new neighborhood. Big cities like Los Angeles boast many great neighborhoods. Therefore, it’s quite easy to get lost and confused. But you can cut the initial offering by conducting simple online research. You can also hire a quality real estate agent. Or you can ask your friends who recently moved for advice. If your main worry is the quality of local schools, base your search on that factor. Nevertheless, there are other equally important factors that you should take into consideration before calling your Southern California movers:

    • Crime rates and overall safety ratings
    • Costs of living
    • Job opportunities
    • Median real estate values
    • Quality of public transport
    • Parks and other green areas
    • Availability of parking spaces

    The choice will ultimately come down to your preferences and lifestyle, but these are the factors that apply to most cases.

    Picture of kids having an exam
    Southern California has won many awards for its educational system

    Schools in Orange County and San Luis Obispo County

    We begin our short guide with a quick look at the schools in Orange and San Luis Obispo counties. Before we continue, you should be aware that Orange County is one of the most expensive places in the US with an average home value of $682,703.

    • Irvine Unified. If you are moving to Orange County, Irvine Unified is an excellent choice. This district consists of 39 schools, including an independent high school. On average, students have pretty high SAT scores, with 1813 points. Furthermore, about 85% of students proceed with postsecondary education. Also, many schools in this district have won the National Blue Ribbon and Gold Ribbon awards multiple times. Academic programs include an Elementary Science Specialist Program, Integrated Mathematics Pathway, as well as comprehensive visual and performing arts education.
    • San Luis Coastal Unified. San Luis Obispo County counts 10 elementary schools, two middle schools, and three high schools. Schools feature good student-teacher ratios, and many schools won prestigious academic awards in the past including California Distinguished School designation, National Blue and Gold Ribbon awards and California Business for Educational Excellence Scholar School.

      Picture of teacher and kids in a classroom. Orange County is the place to find the best schools in Southern California
      We start our short list with Orange County and San Luis Obispo County

    Find the best schools in Southern California: Ventura County

    We next take a look at Ventura County. Mostly a retirement/family community, Ventura offers some quality educational institutions. If you are moving to southern California, you should know that Ventura is cheaper than most coastal California communities. On the other hand, it is still expensive compared to the national average. So, let’s take a look at schools:

    • Conejo Valley Unified. This district includes 27 schools in Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village areas. Interestingly, these schools have undergone serious renovations in the past few years. New roofs and new playgrounds have been added. Out of 21,000 students, about 84% go on to postsecondary education. Moreover, many schools in this district have won numerous accolades like the California Gold Ribbon Award in 2015.
    • Oak Park Unified. The school system consists of eight schools. About 84% of all students go on to postsecondary education. The average SAT score is high 1783. Additionally, academic programs include interesting topics like the food waste composting program. Other programs are also inclined towards the district’s commitment to environmental preservation and recycling. Fun fact: some of the new classrooms were built using recycled shipping containers.

      Picture of a boy running in the hallway
      Best schools in Ventura County are Conejo Valley and Oak Park unified

    Find the best schools in Southern California: Los Angeles County

    • Walnut Valley Unified. Walnut Valley has 15 schools with over 14,000 students. Located in Los Angeles County they are some of the most impressive in Southern California. Furthermore, many schools have the prestigious National Blue-Ribbon School award. Also, three middle schools received the California Gold Ribbon School award. Additionally, many schools in this area have programs for learning Chinese, health, design and performing arts.
    • Arcadia Unified. Arcadia Unified School boasts 11 schools, a $3.8 million library, a media center, and a modern cafeteria. More importantly, student-teacher ratios are about 22:1. The high school offers several Advanced Placement and honors courses to its students. Speaking of students, about 84% of them go on to postsecondary education.

    Los Angeles County part II

    • San Marino Unified. Located in the wealthy city of San Marino, the district has just four schools. However, the graduation rate is 99.3%, and 85% of students pursue postsecondary education. Furthermore, SAT scores are also very high with an average rating of 1831. San Marino Unified schools offer many academic and advanced courses. The emphasis is on athletics and arts.
    • South Pasadena Unified. Another district in Los Angeles County. South Pasadena has five schools just outside downtown Los Angeles. Interestingly, schools feature Dual Immersion Language Program in both Spanish and Mandarin. South Pasadena High School offers several advanced placement courses, and about 80% of all students proceed to postsecondary education.

    As you can see, there are plenty of quality options, you just have to invest some time to find out which option suits your children the best. In the end, we hope that our article will help your kids find the best schools in Southern California and embark on an exciting academic journey. Good luck.

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