Where to find affordable moving supplies in Orange County?

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    It is not difficult to organize the move of an apartment, house, office, or business premises when you know the date in advance, so all preparations can be done on time and planned in detail. Family Affair Moving company can make your move even easier. Getting professional help is usually the most sensible solution. These are useful tips on how to organize a move in a short time and how to find affordable moving supplies in Orange County

    Useful tips for your move

    You can use the service of Orange County residential movers without professional packing as a favorable option in terms of lowering costs. Purchase cardboard boxes and other materials for packing in order to protect items. Here are some very useful tips that we have prepared for you.

    Make a plan for your move

    In order for the move to go smoothly, make a moving plan. If you hire labor yourself, agree on the exact time when the manpower should appear. Get moving supplies. Share the work of packing moving items. Make a list of things that need to be done. Mark the boxes according to the list for easy reference. Check if the furniture needs to be dismantled and if so plan the time for it. Provide a parking space for the vehicle transporting the goods. Notify tenants of the move. When you have planned and agreed on everything, start to implement it. Start first with the acquisition of affordable moving supplies in Orange County, because without them, there will be no moving. Getting moving supplies Orange County CA  from a professional mover is by far the most convenient way to prepare for the packing process.

    making a plan
    Making a good plan when moving is essential

    Get the right material for when looking for affordable moving supplies in Orange County?

    This is the easier part of the job and the only thing that can go wrong is the lack of necessary material for packing and protecting things. Therefore, organize yourself well, don’t skimp on purchasing affordable moving supplies in Orange County, and it is necessary to get the following items:

    • Cardboard boxes,
    • Large bags (120 liters),
    • Tape (wide), paper tape (narrower),
    • Protective bubble wrap,
    • Stretch foil,
    • Packing paper,
    • Markers, scissors.

    You can get all this in larger shopping centers (Walmart, Costco…) and if you don’t have enough money, improvise and use everything available in your apartment.

    For example, if you have plastic basins, laundry baskets, suitcases, old bags, etc. all that can be used for packaging. Also, prepare a large amount of old newspaper that you will use when packing fragile items (glasses, plates, decorations). Vacuum bags if you have them or can borrow them for moving, can be very useful for packing clothes. They not only compress your stuff to take up less space but also keep everything nice and clean.

    woman holding world map and thinking where to find affordable moving supplies in Orange County
    different items can come in handy when packing things for a move

    To protect the mattress or parts of the furniture, instead of stretch foil or bubble wrap, you can use an old blanket, old bedding, or something else along those lines. Go around your local stores and look for anything that could be used for protection, from cardboard boxes, and leftover protective film to pieces of styrofoam. IF you hire loading and unloading services Orange County then you should expect all your items to arrive at your destination safely

    Cardboard boxes are great when looking for affordable moving supplies in Orange County? 

    When purchasing cardboard boxes for moving, the best option is for the boxes to be of the same dimensions for easier stacking and packing in the vehicle for transporting moving items. However, it is not imperative, so any solid cardboard box will do. As long as everything is protected properly and reaches the destination without breaking no one will complain. It is important how you pack things into boxes to ensure that they remain undamaged.

    Packing your things in cardboard boxes properly

    This is a simple process, but even so, many people make mistakes and pack their things as if they belonged to someone else! Even if they damage something, they consider it normal. There’s no need to damage anything if you follow a few rules about packing in cardboard boxes. We’ll try to cover as many topics as possible to give you as much help as you may need.

    Packing things in boxes
    Boxes are a great solution when looking for affordable moving supplies in Orange County?

    Use smaller cardboard boxes

    Use smaller cardboard boxes for heavier things, which is logical. Books, dishes, appliances, collections of CDs, DVDs, etc. pack in smaller boxes. However, it is not logical for some people, so it happens that, for example, they fill a larger box with books and the box is so heavy that only a forklift can lift it. Aside from that, the cardboard box itself can’t support that much weight, which causes it to break and things fall out.

    Use larger cardboard boxes

    Use larger cardboard boxes for lighter things, which is logical. The wardrobe, bedding, toys, etc. are packed in larger boxes. Instead of cardboard boxes for a lighter wardrobe, larger plastic bags, “piggy” bags, vacuum bags, or something similar. When packing, first put heavier things on the bottom of the box and lighter things on top of them. If an empty space appears near sensitive items, fill it with paper or some soft material.

    Marking fragile items in cardboard boxes

    Be sure to mark the box containing fragile items, and if necessary, reinforce the outer part of the bottom of the box and the edges with a wide adhesive tape. Put crumpled newspaper (or packing paper) between fragile items, for example when packing dishes. Glasses, cups, plates, etc. will stay in one shape. Arrange all those fragile things upright in a cardboard box, and you can also put a piece of cardboard, bubble wrap, rags, or whatever you have intended for that purpose between them.

    Read how to disassemble and later assemble furniture, as well as proper protection against damage during transfer and transport by van or truck.

    Where to find affordable moving supplies in Orange County?

    It will be harder to organize a move on a budget, but we hope to have helped you with some ideas. Getting affordable moving supplies in Orange County can come from anywhere. With good organization, the move should be no trouble.


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