Why piano tuning is important after a move

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    When moving a piano it is inevitable for it to fall out of tune. That is due to many factors, from the changes in temperature and humidity level to which it is exposed. The movement of the piano itself, since it is being lifted and moved around a lot, shakes its internal components. And can even lead to damage if it’s not done properly. That is why it is important to hire reliable and experienced OC movers to help you move your piano. And you can read here more about why piano tuning is important after a move.

    Hire good piano movers

    If you want to make sure that your piano doesn’t get damaged during the move, then you need to hire piano movers. Reliable and experienced piano movers Orange County CA team are going to know how to safely move your piano. They are going to pack and protect your piano before moving it. And they know that piano tuning is important after a move and they will move the piano carefully.

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    Experienced piano movers are going to move your piano safely

    Prepare your piano for the move

    You need to do a few things to prepare your piano for the move. First, secure the piano lid with packing tape or blankets. Then cover the piano with moving pads and blankets to protect it from scratches during the move. There are many places where you can find some of the best moving supplies Orange County CA  movers have. Then measure the place where you are going to be placing it to make sure that it can fit.

    There are many reasons why piano tuning is important after a move

    Piano moving is essential after a move because the piano is inevitably going to fall out of tune. It is also important because playing an out-of-tune piano can strain and damage sensitive internal components. That’s why it’s important to get the piano tuned after using moving services Orange County CA movers offer. And some of the biggest signs that the piano is out of tune are:

    • Sounding off-key
    • Dissonant chords
    • Uneven volume
    • Muffled tone
    Brown grand piano with chair
    Piano tuning is important after a move to ensure that your piano works properly

    Just as piano tuning is important after a move it’s important to find a good piano tuner

    If you want your piano to be tuned properly then it’s important to find a good piano tuner. One of the best ways to do that is to check with local schools and universities. They probably have a list of qualified piano tuners which they employ themselves. And while you can learn how to tune a piano yourself, it would be smarter to hire a qualified piano tuner. Piano tuning is a skill that requires years of experience. And precision is very important, and a professional piano tuner has all the necessary tools and equipment. Then he can use the tuning to establish the correct pitch for the piano. After that a tuning lever to adjust the tension of each string in the piano. And that is why piano tuning is important after a move and why you need a reliable and experienced piano tuner for it.


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