Winter events in Newport Beach you cannot miss

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    After moving to a certain place, you will feel out of place. Everything will be new and nothing will feel like home. But this is a normal occurrence after moving. It will pass with time. But if you don’t want to wait for time to do its thing, you can speed up the process by going out and exploring the city. Once your preferred movers, Family Affair Moving CA, drop you off, you will be well-rested and relaxed enough to start getting to know the town. If you happen to move during the winter, you might think that there won’t be a lot of things to do. Newport Beach is full of surprises and the winter events in Newport Beach will keep you entertained.

    General information about Newport Beach

    Newport Beach is a town in California, Orange County with a population of close to 90,000 residents. The people living here love this place, and so will you after moving with movers Newport Beach. There are numerous entertainment options in this town during the whole year. But since you plan to move in the winter, you are likely interested in the winter events in Newport Beach. It is safe to say that Orange County doesn’t have standard winter activities available since the last reported snowfall was in 1949. The lowest temperature rarely goes below 39 degrees Fahrenheit, which indicates a warm winter. But even though there are only clouds during the winter, some of the winter events you can enjoy are:

    • Whale watching
    • Golfing
    • Christmas Boat Parade
    Picture of a whale
    The climate in this town is mild

    Whale watching

    Observing this magnificent marine creature is a family-friendly activity for all ages. Its relaxing properties will take your mind off the move. And if you want to be by the sea as soon as you arrive, hiring packing services Orange County CA to help you pack and unpack might be a good idea. The whale season is between December and April, the perfect time when there is not much else to do. The majority of people watch them from the land, but there are also many cruises available for those who want to see and learn up close.


    Since it is a town on the coast, it does get more sun than the other continental parts of the USA. Since it is too cold for sunbathing, you will be able to enjoy the sunshine on one of the golf courses close to the beach. Golfing is very popular, and people who want to keep enjoying it even when there is snow in their hometown, come to Newport Beach for winter vacations.

    Christmas Boat Parade

    There is nothing that says winter more than Christmas. It might not be complete without snow, but the sights that you will see here are memorable. Both tourists and residents decorate their vessels in the spirit of Christmas and parade them around Newport Bay. This town also has a traditional Christmas event that lasts for three days every year in December. If you are preparing to move here before Christmas, you will have something to look forward to. But don’t forget to think of the relocation and prepare for the process well in advance. And if you need help relocating bulky items such as pianos, hire our piano movers Orange County CA to help you out.

    Picture of Christmas decorations
    Some winter events in Newport Beach are connected to Christmas

    You might not need to get your thickest clothes ready for the winter events in Newport Beach, but you will for sure get a wintery feeling. Once the winter passes, you will see the glory of this state’s climate in its full power, with the sun helping boost your mood. We wish you a lot of fun!


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