How to involve your kids in unpacking process

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    Moving to a new place can really be difficult and time-consuming. You need to invest a lot of energy and it can really be exhausting. That’s where your kids can join in and help you out a bit. That’s why so many Southern California movers try to motivate parents to not do it alone. Here are just some examples of how to involve your kids in unpacking process and to make them feel like they are actually doing something significant.

    The more fun you offer the easier you’ll involve your kids in the unpacking process

    Depending on the age of your kids you will need to find different ways to motivate them. For some kids, a few promises of buying new toys or candy might be enough. For others, playing their favorite music while unpacking can be the right choice. Above, all our Orange County residential movers have seen kids that were ready to really enjoy unpacking their stuff with small to no incentives. But the more fun you make it for them the better they will respond.

    Kids playing with pillows
    You’ll involve your kids in unpacking process easier if you make it fun for them

    Involve them with packing to make unpacking more appealing

    If you make your kids involved in packing, then unpacking will be so much easier. You can give them tasks like packing their own room or toys depending on their age. Above all, they will be excited to start unpacking their room and create a space for them in their new home. You won’t need the help of our local movers Orange County with your little helpers getting everything done for you. Just let them be creative and even create a bit of a mess. By doing so they will feel better and you will be able to focus on more important matters.

    Let them unpack their room

    Every child looks at their room as their place to enjoy and where they can be themselves. For that reason, it’s not a bad idea to let them unpack the lighter belongings of their room. If they are old enough you can let them decide where the items will go. That’s a technique our long distance movers Orange County often see and they tell us it’s very effective. It gives a lot of freedom and motivation to your kids. Especially your teenage kids that want some independence from parents.

    A father playing with his kids
    Leave the kids’ room to them

    Involve your kids in unpacking process by teaching them how to declutter

    There’s no better time to declutter than when you move. For that reason, it’s important to teach your kids about the significance of downsizing. This does not seem so appealing to them but it will help them when they get bigger. Throwing away old toys, donating clothes, or recycling old furniture can be just some of the ways that your kids can learn the importance of decluttering. You can always reward them if they did a good job. Especially younger kids who are reluctant to say goodbye to any item.

    Whatever the age of your kids is, they can be useful when it’s time to move. Especially if you know how to involve your kids in unpacking process without problems. That’s why having some motivation for them or giving them an opportunity to be more independent might give them the right mental boost to help you unpack. Of course, kids won’t be the best at it so you’ll need to show them how to do it. Don’t expect a professional level of service, but an additional pair of hands will be very helpful.

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